We Are: Brave Bible Study PDF (no coaching)


We Are: Brave is a Bible Study that We Are Beautiful has created for women of all ages so they can discover the freedom and purpose that God has called them to live in, and how to step into it.


Product Description

We Are Brave is a 5 weeks Bible study that dives into the first 5 chapters of Exodus and as you learn about the life of Moses, you are introduced to the story of 5 women who have been through slavery to fear, adoption, shame, encounters with God and bravery to step out into our destiny. It’s a very interactive study with youtube playlists for devo time, real life stories, beautiful photography and a message that will transform the way you see yourself and God.

Here’s one of the reviews we got: “I just read the entire Bible study cover to cover. I hadn’t planned on reading it straight through, but I couldn’t stop! So powerful! I don’t think I’ve ever had a piece of literature keep me so glued or than the Bible. I love reading all the testimonies of God working in and through people’s lives.” tara_richardson .

The study includes at downloadable PDF, video teaching for each week (free), 3 group video conference calls and 5 personal coaching calls.

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