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Saying Goodbye to the To Do List by Rebecca Allegri

By December 23, 2019All Posts

Do you feel like as the end of the year draws closer, your To-Do list grows longer? I love the idea of goal setting and list making crossing off completed items – I’m very much a list person! But ever since going from one to two kids this year, it’s like a switch flipped with my ability to keep up with my To-Do lists. I suddenly had to devote more time and resources in keeping up with my toddler’s growing ambition to explore and do and make (which I love!)…but it made me feel discouraged at the end of the day for not completing everything I had made a list “to do.”

In fact, feeling like that at the end of the day is the reason I stopped making To-Do lists altogether. Recently, I heard an amazing talk by Meg Johnson where she said to “STOP making a ‘TO-DO’ list at the beginning of the day. What we really should be doing is at the END of the day, look back and see everything you DID do and call it your “TA-DA” list.’ Mind blown!

As an entrepreneur mama of two who works from home, I love this idea. There have been so many days where I’ve felt defeated by the chaos of my day and didn’t have a chance or the time (let alone energy or brain power) to complete the To-Do list I made for myself that morning.

Most days I’m able to just give myself grace and move on. Other days however, when I just really want to be able to work on projects or create new content uninterrupted, or even just have time alone time to fold laundry, but can’t, is when I feel the weight of my never ending To-Do list the most.



Realizing how impactful it is to focus on all that you did do is way more rewarding than looking back and frowning at all that you didn’t do/didn’t get to do. Part of being a mom is having the ability to give yourself grace every day for wearing SO many hats.


Make the choice to embrace the slow, tired, and raising-littles seasons is what will ignite that spark for self-love, patience with yourself, and acceptance that it’s okay to take some time “off.”



Here are three easy and affirmation-forward ways
you can boot the to-do list blues:

  1. MAKE A TA-DA LIST. This can be on a notepad, in a journal, or on sticky notes. Make sure you fill it out at the end of every day – it will take just 10 seconds to jot down a just a couple simple things that you accomplished. It could look something like this:
    – today I took a 10 minute walk outside to fully appreciate my surroundings + give myself a break
    – today I decided to read one more bedtime book to my kids instead of rushing out to finish the dishes
    – today I made time to do a devotional out of my Risen Motherhood devotion book

    – today I sent a text to (name) and told her I’m thinking of her + appreciate her friendship
    – today I bought myself flowers to remind myself to practice self-love
  2. PREACH TO YOURSELF. Literally! Buy Haley Morgan’s newest book and give yourself a much needed soul talk. Here’s what it’s about: “Hayley Morgan, coauthor of bestselling book Wild and Free, has wrestled with this tension her whole life. In Preach to Yourself, she tackles it head-on to discover how we can renew our minds to renew our lives. For every woman who struggles with repetitive, negative self-talk, this book will show you how to identify the toxic loops where you get stuck and replace them with the truth of God we can believe with our whole selves.” (Amazon book summary)
  3. GIVE YOURSELF GRACE. A simple, straightforward way to become your best self: just give yourself grace. Of course it’s a great thing to be disciplined and have goals for yourself – but if it gets to the point where you’re getting frustrated for not completing them or feeling down about yourself, step back and reevaluate where your heart is. It’s more important to take care of you than it is to take care of stuff. Get your heart and head in the right place by taking some time off and diving into the word. God’s plan for us was never for us to feel burdened (Matthew 11:28-30), or feel resentment towards our children for not having time in the day to do the things we want to do (Psalm 127:3), or for our days to feel restless and chaotic (Isaiah 54:13). Speak this truth into your life today, and make that ta-da list instead.


Rebecca Allegri

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