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How to Get Serious About Your Bible

By December 29, 2019All Posts

Every- single- year. Same goal. Read my Bible every day. Every year, I’ve failed. This is not a self-condemning, or self- pitty post. It’s actually one that might help us all to finally do it on 2020! How? Well, today as I was reading my devotional, God was pretty clear with me about my time in His word:

1.  Take the time

  • Don’t try to read quickly through it to check it off your to-do list in the morning. STUDY IT!
  • There are so many “hidden” clues in it that are not hidden to keep you away from truth, but that make you dig deeper.

2. Make it a true meditation. Think about it all day. Re-read the verses that spoke to you the most.

3. Write it down TOGETHER with the promises God gives you. Look for promises so you can go back to them in the future and see how faithful God is.

4. Share it! It will speak to many!

5. Join a bible study group to share your thoughts and get insight on other peoples perspective. Sometimes your understanding of something can be different from others and it is always good to see the world from different points of view.


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