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Fall DIY Treats // by Rebbeca Elizabeth Allegri

By November 4, 2019All Posts

When I was planning a pumpkin patch meetup the other day for a group of my mom friends and our babies, I wanted to gift each of them something festive and fun to say thanks for coming out. And what better way to do so than with food! <3 So I whipped up a batch of these Banana Oatmeal Muffins and added in walnuts. I made each girl a goody bag with one muffin in it, and tied it off with twine and a simple note – a yummy, quick, and easy treat to celebrate the fall season. Here’s how to make your own fall-themed goody bag to give to your girlfriends at your next get together!

first, pick a treat (or several!)

I picked a baked treat, because who doesn’t like baked things?! I found some easy banana oatmeal walnut muffins off Pinterest. The recipe doesn’t call for walnuts, but I added some in to make it all the more delicious. I also set my bake time to exactly 15 minutes (recipe says 15-18 mins) and they came out perfect! Another idea for a fall-themed treat would be some oven roasted pumpkin seeds, ingredients for smore’s, or a couple pouches of flavored hot chocolate (like these by Archer Farms at Target – I have the pumpkin spice one and the sea salt caramel one!).

Now you could leave it at just the treat like I did, or add in other small things like a recipe card, a small fall-themed notepad, fun sized candy bars, some halloween-themed washi tape, or other cute small things! But don’t worry about going all out – it’s really the thoughtfulness behind it that counts, not the amount of things you have in your goody bag.

second, pick your wrapping

Michael’s is my go-to when it comes to getting the things I need to get crafty. I picked up some of these festive cellophane bags, some gold polka dot tags, and some black and white twine for under $5 bucks after using a coupon.

third, add some flair & personalize it

I wrote out “banana oatmeal walnut muffins” in sharpie on each tag then tied it to the bags with twine so the girls knew what their treats were (just bear allergies in mind if you’re making something with allergens). Another idea would be to write a fall quote in cursive, or each girl’s name on the tags.

You could also add in some crunchy paper shreds to make the bag more full – I would have done this if I was giving the girls something non-edible like a Starbucks gift card ;)


So there you have it – a simple but very sweet fall-themed goody bag DIY that your girlfriends will totally appreciate!

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