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Learning from the French // By Katherine Mann

By April 11, 2019Food

Oh food! I love food, so writing this post is perhaps one of my favorite experiences ever.  Just saying, I’m that person who describes food’s texture as delicate and compares frosting to cake ratio on cupcakes.

Recently, I went to Paris and one of the best parts of the trip was the food.  It truly is no surprise that France is the birthplace of the Michelin Guide and that French cuisine is ranked among the top in the world.  From the bread to the pastries and everything else in between it was all delicious but what makes it all delicious is that it is all made very carefully, paying close attention to textures and flavors.  

There is just such a special attention to food and it is not just a meal, it is an experience.  Lunch on the go really is not a thing, the norm is more like a two- hour multiple course meal!  Dessert is always a yes and every bite is savored with no pressure for time. This part of the French culture was so evident everywhere I went. Groups of friends, families and couples take the time to just enjoy their meals regardless of the day of the week or time of day.  Simply put, food is a serious manner in France.

This behavior in the French culture really caught my attention and I began to analyze other cultures I am familiar with and how food and meals are treated in those cultures.  But, THEN God used this to bring to my attention what Kingdom culture should look like. Kingdom culture should be as evident as the French culture with their cuisine, easily perceived and notorious.  

Our attitudes should depict the love of Christ in all we do and people should be able to identify that there is something different about us immediately.  Just as I observed the importance of food in Paris, people should be able to observe His love in my behavior right away.

Our culture as Christ followers should be one focused on love above all things.  Love for God and love for everyone around us. We see this simple guidance in John 13:34-35 NIV:

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

It really is that simple!  Love conquers it all and we should always show that.  So I encourage you to be ambassadors of the God we serve and choose to love like He does in all we do so that we can represent His culture.  

It is incredible how God can speak to us even through things like love for food!  And since I do love food, here is my list of the top 5 foods that you must eat when visiting Paris.


  1. Quiche- the savory pie filled with eggs, cheese and meats with a flaky pastry crust is always delicious but you must try it in Paris.  This staple of the French cuisine can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner! I have eaten it many times in various places but the quiche in Paris was life changing.  It can be found in any “boulangerie” (bakery). Quiche never disappoints.
  2. Baguettes- every time I think of France, I get this picture of people eating baguettes, well they are amazing.  Its crisp crust and delicate texture once you bite into it is simply delicious. The aroma of freshly baked baguettes fills the streets of Paris and it is a must eat.  It is so good that I was told that French President Emmanuel Macron has petitioned for the French baguette to be given UNESCO recognition
  3. Macarons- these colorful pastries are not only delicious but aesthetically pleasing as well.  These meringue based treats are delicate and full of flavor. The macaron was popularized by Louis-Ernest Ladurée in the 1800s and you must try a macaron at Ladurée Paris.  I promise you, you will enjoy this pillowy and delicately flavored treat.
  4. Pain au chocolat- literally bread with chocolate this treat will change your life.  The flakes of puff-pastry and the soft texture of the chocolate inside make this an enjoyable snack that you can pair with a cup of coffee outside a French café.  
  5. Steak frites- this popular dish of steak and fries is a staple at every French brasserie.  Simple yet full of flavor, the steak is carefully marinated and cooked to perfection.  And the fries, fresh and crispy, oh la la!

So let’s remember to learn from the French, let’s make every meal an experience but let us also pay close attention to what we are allowing to cook in our hearts and ensure that the aroma perceived by others, is that fresh aroma of love.  

Featured Photo by Karin Bar on Unsplash

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