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Which Jar Are You Filling? // by Olivia Hastie

By April 23, 2019Spiritual Life

Recently, I’ve been getting really into homemade goods and have been giving my best attempt at zero-waste living. My first step in this homey adventure was purchasing a handful of mason jars to store all of my freshly-made things in. The greatest, so far, of this endeavor has been some homemade coconut-macadamia milk, inspired by my recent visit to Maui.

My husband and I have enjoyed this tropical milk so much, that while the recipe fills up two mason jars completely, I have to think ahead during my week and preemptively plan to have all the supplies and time needed ready to fill up our supply. I find myself consistently keeping tabs on where my mason jars are, how much they need to be filled, and when I can make time in my schedule to do so.

This process inspired a thought that brought great conviction to me: How often do I keep tabs on the jars of my own life? Do I use preventative measures to do daily checks and evaluate the emptier portions of my life and walk with the Lord? Am I fully aware of where my spirit is at and what areas of my life and spiritual life need to be filled?

Furthermore, what jars DO I keep intentional efforts to fill daily? I think some common ones for a lot of us would be these: The jar of self-image – making intentional efforts to look happy, healthy, and spiritual on social media and to our sphere of friends. The jar of self-reliance – making intentional effort to worry and dwell on what I need, my finances, and how to create a successful future for myself and my family. The entertainment jar – choosing the Netflix binge and the endless scrolling over soul-feeding time in prayer for our families or time in the Word.

I want to challenge myself and all of us today: Observe your own jars in your life. Which portions of your life are you giving the most attention to and which portions should you shift your focus to? Where do you feel empty and need to be rejuvenated? Wherever that is in your life, God is present and available, ready to fill you in your place of need.

The hardest part about this process is making intentional efforts to create space and time to devote yourself wholly to your spiritual needs. However difficult finding the time may be, the amazing thing about a relationship with the Lord is that He is wholly available, at any point in time. When you call on Him, He answers, and He is present and ready to fill you up, even if it’s between meetings or has a diaper change in the middle.

In Psalms 91 we read,

When he calls to me, I will answer him;

I will be with him in trouble;

I will rescue him and honor him.

With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.”

I love this passage because it reminds me that even if I’ve lacked in filling up my prayer jar, when I call on the Lord He answers me, He’s ready to meet me in my places of trouble, and He rescues me from the things weighing me down. As I shift my life and change my focus to an empty jar, God is right there ready to work and fill me up.

Friends, I want to be a community of women who are marked by the defining trait of wholeness in God, and I truly believe that that reality is made possible as we look to our lives, habits, and efforts and shift them to seek fullness in the Spirit and Presence of the Lord. This process isn’t easy, but the fruits born from it are rich and worth every ounce of effort.  Let’s challenge ourselves and one another to observe the jars in our own lives and shift our intentions and energy to find the abundant life and wholeness in God that we are made to have.

Featured Photo by Ehud Neuhaus on Unsplash

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