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Power of Polish // by Bethany Thomas

By February 28, 2019fashion

The epitome of girlishness just might be nail polish. Fuchsia, gold, ebony, plum, sparkles, metallic, matte, and glossy. Living in a house with 4 other women there was always a bottle of polish somewhere. I felt grown up whenever I managed to keep my nails smudge/chip free for more than a day. As a teenager I loved the way my hands looked whenever I was doing mundane tasks. At the age of 22, I had my first professional manicure and pedicure in celebration of my college graduation. I radiated confidence as I accepted that diploma.

There is only one other place I have felt that confidence. In the Lord. The great thing about God is that no matter how I dress, paint my face – or nails – God is where my self-confidence comes from.

“For you have been my hope, sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth.” Psalm 71:5

The power and security that has steadily grown in me the last few years is a direct reflection of my continual dependence on God. As a child I would read my Bible to find a story or to soothe my nightmares. Now I go to the Bible to not only soothe my fears but to fuel my dreams.

In September 2018, I had my first dip nail experience. This is the first time I have maintained my nails from month to month. I get excited thinking about what color or style I’m going to try next. My nails have never been so long or strong before. The beauty in the Dip nail is that the powder nourishes the nail (make sure your nail artist uses the white nourishing powder), and the layers provide a durability you don’t see with traditional or gel polish.

It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing: sweat pants and a pony-tail, t-shirt and jeans, statement earrings and peplum top, or yoga pants and a tank, I feel put together and ready to take on the day. I love doing things with my hands and not worrying about my nails getting chipped.

That’s why I encourage all of you wonderful women of God: Do a little something for yourselves. Get your nails done professionally once and a while. But also spend a little more time in God. Confidence comes from the inside and that’s where God lives in each of us.

Featured Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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