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Morning Mayhem // by Kylie Hunt

By February 20, 2019Lifestyles

Oh, Mornings.
How glorious and sometimes, chaotic they can be!

One thing is true though –
no matter whether we like mornings or not….
We still have to deal with them.
Every. Single. Day

The thing is though –
if we change our perspective  –
it we begin to see we GET to deal with mornings –
because we are alive another day,
it begins to become easier to handle them overall

I wouldn’t say that personally I am by nature a morning kinda gal. My predisposition is definitely being a night owl. However, I have learned that I control what attitude I am in come morning light and I can CHOOSE to do my best to make it a good morning – even if I’m not feeling it that day

I also have a few tips that I have found make my mornings go MUCH smoother if I apply them and I hope they can help you too.


If you are packing a lunch to take with you, do as MUCH of the prep for it as you can the night before. That way all you have to do in the morning is put it in your lunch bag and go.

Same thing for breakfast –
making things ahead of time so that you can just grab it and run in the morning can help things go in a more orderly fashion.
A favorite quick breakfast of mine is a protein shake and a bag of trail mix – both are very “take it on the go friendly.

I have found it is immensely helpful to lay out my clothes for the next day before I go to bed, simply because it helps me avoid running around trying to figure out what to wear in the morning.


I know – WE ALL WANT TO DO IT. (I am guilty of it!)

Seriously, though  – STOP! It may not seem like a big deal to push it 3 or 4 or 5 times – but with each push being anywhere from 5 – 10 minutes depending on your alarm clock, you inevitably are setting yourself up for a rushed morning and those are never fun. It make seem like a pain to get up right when it goes off, however it truly is worth it in the end.

Also, try your best to get a good night’s rest. I know, this isn’t always possible – with things that must be done, kids, various circumstances, etc. however, when you are able to, do your best to let your body rest and recharge.


Do not set your alarm to give yourself the very smallest amount of time possible to get ready, allow yourself extra time to get awake and around in the mornings if possible so that any mishaps don’t throw your entire day off course. I am still working on this one, but it helps when I do it.


I know. It’s easy to be cranky with those we love (aka our husband and/or kids) in the morning and less than lovely when we ourselves are not quite awake.

However, I have found in my own life being crabby to my husband in the morning doesn’t help anything except spread my crankiness around.

So, I am working my hardest (and praying daily to the Lord for His help) to stop and think in the morning before I speak. To take a moment and consciously consider how the words that roll off my tongue are going to effect (either positively or negatively) the rest of the day for both my husband and me.

Does it take work to do that? Yes.
Is it sometimes hard to watch what we say first thing in the morning? Yes.
Is it worth it? A MAJOR Yes – it is definitely worth it.


This last tip is the one that truly is the MOST IMPORTANT one of all.

I know, this one is easier said than done some days.
Sometimes, spending time with Jesus Christ isn’t the first thing on our mind-
but it should be. Because He is who holds ALL of our days in His hands and controls how they each go in the end anyways

It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. In fact, it can be as simple as taking 5 minutes to pray before you get out of bed. It can be as easy as instead of reaching for your phone and clicking immediately onto your social media accounts – you open your Bible app and take a few moments to read Scripture or do a quick devotion. It could be listening to a preaching podcast or singing songs to the Lord as you are getting ready in the morning

Just take some time to spend with Him, to ask Him to guide your steps as you start another day

It says in Matthew 6:33 (NLT)

“Seek the kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously,
and He will give you everything you need.”

It is my prayer every day that I get better about seeking the Lord FIRST and letting Him put all things in my life into place – According to His will for my life. It is a goal that I am striving for in 2019 and I hope you are too!

Because at the end of the day –
He truly is the One Who can calm the Chaos in our Mornings and LIFE.

Featured photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

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