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Bread // Katie Tennant

By February 14, 2019Food

I love bread. I love the smell, I love the texture, I love that it is rich and satisfying. I totally understand why people reference amazing things as being “the best thing since sliced bread,” because sliced bread is pretty amazing in my opinion. It’s a basic staple in many households around the world. Many cultures have their own variety of bread that have unique flavors and textures. It is such a common addition to a meal, that we use the term “breaking bread together” as a way to express sharing a meal with someone.

Although bread has been a commonplace item in my pantry (specially when it comes to kaiser buns) for as long as I can remember, the idea of making homemade bread was once super intimidating to me. I always worked it up to being a very complicated task that I would certainly mess up, but my love for homemade bread was enough to get me to try it. I found a simple bread recipe that didn’t seem too complicated. I followed the directions step-by-step with immense focus and precision, and out from the oven came a delicious, flaky, golden brown loaf of bread! I was so proud of myself for not messing up the recipe, and I was excited to serve it to my family. The bread was a smashing hit! My husband and kids loved it, and it felt so good to know that something I worked so hard on brought such joy and nourishment to my family. Here is a link to the simple bread recipe that I tried! I hope you’ll give it a try!

The feelings I have surrounding this bread that I made are what I think of when I hear what Jesus says about Himself in John 6. He says in verse 35,

“I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” (NLT)

I used to think it was peculiar that Jesus compared Himself to food. I didn’t understand the significance of this passage. Now I know that bread is a staple food, a basic dietary item. It’s something that can sustain you, nourish you, and be made with simple ingredients. I believe this is reflected in the way the Jesus’ gospel was simple, and it brings peace that will sustain you through the most difficult of storms. By also referencing that those who come to him will never be hungry again, make a good comparison to how filling bread is. Bread, being made of carbohydrates, is a very filling substance. Jesus comparing Himself to bread, show us that He will bring a filling in us that will never leave. With the simplicity of the bread comparison, He reveals to us that He is essential to life.

I can so often find myself trying to “fill up” on the empty offerings of the world. When I examine my heart I often find that I try to nourish my soul with things that only leave me feeling empty. If only we would turn to the rich, satisfying presence of our Lord, we would never hunger again.

Sisters, I challenge you to examine your own heart and determine what it is that you’re trying to satisfy. Do you have deep longings of your heart that you’re trying to satisfy with what the world offers? Are you hoping the social media likes will validate you? Is the perfect relationship going to satisfy you? Will the money and the job be what makes you stop searching? Or do you need to invite the Bread of Life in your heart to bring you rich satisfaction.


Featured Photo by Louise Lyshøj on Unsplash

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