The Man on the Shore // by Jeorgi Smith

By January 24, 2019Food

I wonder what was going through Peter’s mind when he heard the voice calling from the shore instructing him on how to fish. Fishing was Peter’s craft; he knew what he was doing and he was good at it. He knew the best time, spots, and even which side of the boat to pull in the net. He was a professional fisherman, if that was even a thing back then. And then he hears a voice calling from the shore:

“Throw your net to the right side of the boat and you will find some there.”
John 21:6


Peter and the disciples with him could have easily shrugged off the advice they heard in the distance. Even though they had been on the water over night and hadn’t caught anything, why should he take advice from someone when this is what he was good at? But Peter, not knowing the man on the shore was Jesus, listened anyway. And guess what? They caught fish. A LOT of fish. In fact, they caught so much fish that they couldn’t even bring it into the boat because their net was too full.


I’m not a fisherman, but I LOVE to bake. When I tie my apron around my waist, I feel like I a housewife from the 1940’s. I get so excited when I crack an egg into a big, empty bowl while my apron pocket collects flour throughout the day like a souvenir. My favorite part about baking is the end when I get to share what I’ve made with someone. I watch their face as they take that first bite and I smile along with them because I know I made that pie just right. Below is a Pumpkin Pie recipe I believe is perfect, hence the title of the recipe. I had a lot of practice these last couple of months and  despite that I still have cans of pumpkin in my pantry!



But sometimes, I forget to add salt to the recipe…and I mess up. Sometimes, I add WAY too much flour and I feel so discouraged because I’ve ruined the very thing I’ve worked hard on. If anyone offered me advice while I was in the kitchen messing up my pie I would probably get frustrated, so I can only imagine what I would do if Jesus was standing in front of me trying to help me precisely measure flour. But what if I let Him? What if I realized that I still have room to grow and learn and become?


Ask yourself this question: What is my craft? What is the thing that I am good at or that I enjoy? Is there room for improvement? Do I want to see this skill go further than I could ever take it on my own? Peter could have easily ignored the man on the shore, but he didn’t. Why? Because I think Peter knew that he still had room to grow. And so do we. Trust Jesus with your craft and open yourself up for improvement when He asks you to change things up a bit. It may look like a big step, but a step of faith is a step in the right direction when the man on the shore is the one guiding you. And if you allow Jesus to speak into your life, He’ll fill your net up with more fish than you would ever catch on your own.




Featured photo by: Jeorgi Smith

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