New Paint, New House // by Marialicia Coates

By January 10, 2019Lifestyles

We love our house. My husband got it built a few months before we met and I was blessed to just move in when we got married.  Last year was our 6 year mark in the house and we thought “Hey, let’s paint the brick it would refresh the house a little”; but making the decision to actually do it took us a while.


We were nervous about the outcome although Joanna Gaines, and every Pinterest perfect home picture said painted brick is the way to go these days. White? Cream? Grey? White is totally in, but was it for our house? Other things put in consideration were: Finding the right painter, season and obviously, the price.


I found the painter in a miraculous way and his estimate was hard to believe because it was extremely low. Will he do a good job? Will he use good quality paint? Will he get it done in a timely manner? So many questions and doubts! (Or fears perhaps?)


Almost every house you see being built nowadays is white or some kind of neutral color. I follow several realtors on social media and they suggest painting your brick white or something close to it so your house looks brand new.  Our issue with the color was that we have a super tall stone arch which is the main eye catcher of our home and we couldn’t risk making the arch basically disappear because of the color on the walls surrounding it.


We painted probably 6 swatches on the wall. Yes. Six! And we are so glad we did because the colors on the sample book do not look the same on the wall! So if you’re looking into painting exteriors, DO NOT choose a color before painting a little portion of a wall to see how it looks on your project.


It was a process that helped us team up and instead of each one pulling our own way, it made us work together to get a good outcome. Did we agree right off the bat on the color? No. But we had to be open to each other’s opinions so we could choose the best option for the sake of the house.


I’ve decided to start the new year talking about something we all face, live with, and need help with. People. Ha! Yes! Not the house. I mean, a little about that and I promise I’ll give you good tips for painting outside and even the painter’s number if you message me, and if you live in Oklahoma of course. I want to focus on the relationships with the ones that we team up with to do life with. It could be a spouse, a kid, a co-worker, a sibling or a friend. Anyone we interact with on a daily basis that has the power to affect our mood, day and let’s just say it- our entire life.


When we see our relationships as A TEAM with goal: where we will give our best and do our utmost to make sure we are open to the other’s opinions, strategies and moves.  See, while we were doing the house painting, my husband and I teamed up to achieve a goal, make the house look prettier. The funny thing is that during that time, we did great hearing each other out on the house painting but in the day to day relationship, we were not team playing and we were having constant arguments. We lost focus on the goal and vision of our marriage. We were pulling to our own conveniences, dreams and emotions not thinking about one another. We didn’t have a set goal in front of us that would make us to give our best so that that goal can be achieved.


I read a few scriptures the other day that shook me:


24 If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. 25 If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. 26 And if Satan opposes himself and is divided, he cannot stand; his end has come. 27 In fact, no one can enter a strong man’s house without first tying him up. Then he can plunder the strong man’s house.


My thoughts on this. My marriage is a kingdom. My marriage is a house. Take note that I said A kingdom and A house. Not two kingdoms and two houses. One! When we team up, we are no longer individuals, we are one. And when we divide and try to pull our own sides, we are dividing against our own kingdom, our own house. What is the strong man in your kingdom? I know some Christians will gravitate to think about demons when I say “strong man” because these verses are normally taught in themes like spiritual warfare and teachings about finding out what is the “strong man” or “main evil spirit” controlling someone. But in this case, we are talking about the house of our marriage. I believe I received revelation about my house as my marriage and how the enemy’s strategy is to divide so he can come in and plunder. But in verse 27 it says NO ONE can enter a strong man’s house before first trying him up. So what is the strength in you house? You know what should stand strong always on a team? IT’S GOAL! When we lose sight of it, it’s tied up and then the enemy can do whatever he pleases.


Set a goal, set a vision for your relationships. You will see how it will change things and heal relationships!


As for the house. It turned out great! I’ll show you at the end of the post, before and afters. But before pictures, here are some tips:


  1. Make sure you have the budget for it.
  2. Make sure you understand that with brick, there’s no going back!
  3. The “primer” used for brick is acrylic conditioner. Don’t use regular primer.
  4. Paint swatches of the tones you want on the walls first.
  5. Don’t rely on the Pantone books or even worse on a photoshopped picture.
  6. Make sure to check your HOA rules and see if you can paint your house!


Happy Painting!




Featured photo by: Samantha Wright

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