A Trustworthy Story // by Marialicia Coates

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Would it be awkward if I introduced the series with a post that talks about my OB? Maybe huh? I promise I have a point and I will do my best to not make it sound awkward. It’s just that when I think about Luke, I think about my doctor. And obviously I think that I think about my doctor because Luke was a doctor but through the pages of this beautiful letter, I can see a trustworthy man that truly cares about his letters’ recipient and the subject of his letter, Jesus. Yeah I think my doctor truly cares about his patients, and in this case, me.


Dr. Beal, my OB, is that kind of guy who knows what he’s talking about all the time. He has plenty of experience and knowledge in his area of expertise and that brings me so much peace! Several times he has gone above and beyond to let me know everything is going to be okay.


For example, last year when I had my second baby, I had a placenta abruption. It was crazy scary, but he made it feel like even though it was very serious, everything was going to be okay. He explained what was happening in detail, gave me the facts, but also reassured me that my baby and I would be fine. He and his team did a phenomenal job and here I am writing this post a year later and my baby is upstairs sleeping peacefully in her crib.


When you know someone who dedicates their time to ensure all their information is correct, it leads you to trust them. That is why I really like the book of Luke because he makes sure we know that he has done his homework. He lets us know that he has done tons of research before he wrote this letter about Jesus.


1–4 Dear friend,

I am writing for you, mighty lover of God,[a] an orderly account of what Jesus, the Anointed One, accomplished and fulfilled among us. Several eyewitness biographies have already been written,[b] using as their source material the good news preached among us by his early disciples, who became loving servants of the Living Expression.[c] But now I am passing on to you this accurate compilation of my own meticulous investigation[d] based on numerous eyewitness interviews and thorough research of the story of his life. It is appropriate for me to write this, for he also appeared to me[e] so that I would reassure you beyond any shadow of a doubt the reliability of all you have been taught of him.

(Luke 1:1-4) TPT


The attention to detail makes the read an easy one. I literally feel like I’m reading a novel although, what he is telling us is the absolute truth.  I don’t know about you, but I love the fact that a doctor is an author of a book of the Bible. Specifically, a book of the bible about Jesus. Anyone who says this man didn’t exist, or wasn’t as special as He was, can have Dr. Luke prove it to you and show you how real Jesus was.


The first chapter takes us back in time to meet Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary and John. Their encounters with angels, and their responses to the supernatural. Zechariah with his unbelief, Mary with her willingness but uncertainty, Elizabeth with her faith, and John with his boldness.


Are you ready to dive in to the life of Jesus? Let’s let Luke teach us about the Son of man.



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