Prepare Ye the Way // By Jamie McCarroll

By October 25, 2018All Posts

Stay at your post! Keep watch! Stay vigilant! Stay alert! Stand your ground!

When I hear these phrases, I think of preparation! To prepare. To get ready. To always be ready.


I believe we aren’t fully prepared, because we focus and expend energy on the physical preparation and we forsake the spiritual. What about preparing our hearts and constantly renewing our minds?  We ask Him for things He has already given us. He has already equipped us with the things we need to live successful Christian lives: we do not know it because we do not renew our minds and prepare our hearts the way we ought to.


In Mark 13, I noticed that the same thing was repeated over and over in regard to staying ready or prepared!


“So I say to you, keep awake and alert—Be alert—Be awake at all times!”  Mark 13:35-37


Let me preface this by saying God is a specific God. He never does anything without a purpose.  So I had to ask myself, Why Lord?  What are you trying to convey in this passage?


I can tell you that without fail, every time I have felt pressured, unsure, unsteady, pushed, overwhelmed, or pulled in my life, it has been when I did not fully prepare my heart by renewing my mind. The weight of the world tipped the scale in favor of the world. You could also say in the boxing match between the world and I there was a heavy weight champion, but it was not me. I was not even a contender!


You cannot even be a contender without enough preparation. In order to stay alert or on guard, you have to know what or who you are coming up against. You need to know why you are contending. AHHHHHHH!!  Friends, this hits me right smack dab in the heart! You know why? Let’s look at this verse:


“Now learn the lesson from the parable of the fig tree. When spring arrives, and it sends out its tender branches and sprouts leaves, you know that summer is soon to appear.” Mark 13:28 TPT


It seems we prepare for everything else except the spiritual things of God! We have baby showers, birthday parties, weddings, first days of school, picture days, dates, food, etc. I am telling you, I was thinking about this and all of a sudden so many things, events, occasions, etc. that we prepare for just started flipping through my mind like a movie. I was seriously flabbergasted. You could say a swift kick in my spiritual hind end is what I received. Real quick and in a hurry!


It is amazing what the holy spirit can point out to you when it is needed. We prepare the most by staying in His word! Keep it before your eyes, in your ears, and flowing out of your mouth. His word cannot fail. Everything as we know it will cease to exist, but not His word. Do you know how powerful words truly are? I urge you to challenge yourself to find out!


“The earth and sky will wear out and fade away before one word I speak loses its power or fails to accomplish its purpose.”  Mark 13:31 TPT




Featured Photo by Taylor Ann Wright on Unsplash


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