Ropes of Love // by Nikki Charnstrom

By June 25, 2018All Posts

In the midst of trouble, the one thing we look forward to the most is making it to the other side. Rising from the comforts of our beds each morning isn’t easy, but we hold on to the hope that things are about to get better. You see, when we go through trying times in our lives, we lean into the Lord even more. When our hope is shot, we turn to our faith and the One who makes all things new.


Israel trusted God would redeem them and set them free. Yet, somewhere along their journey out of Egypt, they forgot all about Him. They returned to their old habits and disregarded their newfound freedom. It would be like leaving a cast on after the bone has already healed. Why, after everything the Lord has done for them, would they forget all about the goodness He showed?


“It was I who taught Ephraim to walk, taking them by hand, but they never knew that I healed them. I led them with human cords, with ropes of love.” (Hosea 11:3-4)


Ephraim, a tribe of Israel, couldn’t seem to remember where they came from or WHO brought them out of it, WHO taught them to walk, and WHO took their hand. Now we scoff at their ignorance and mumble under our breath, “How dare they forget about the Lord!” But the reality of it is we ARE Israel, and at times we forget who’s taken care of us all of our lives.


Don’t you find it odd that naturally we grow closest to the Lord when we need something from Him, yet, once satisfied, we feel “strong enough” on our own? God is our source for everything in this life. Day in and day out He continues to provide, leading us with ropes of love.


I don’t know about you, but if I didn’t have Jesus guiding me my life would be an utter train wreck. These “ropes of love” aren’t God’s way of keeping us on a short leash. We have every opportunity to cut the rope and scurry away. However, if we wholeheartedly trust Him, the ropes of love will keep us safe.


Every day that our eyes flutter open and we take a deep inhale and relieving exhale, we are faced with a world of decisions. How are we going to mend fences with someone we argued with yesterday? How might we handle that tough conversation with our spouse? Do we approach our boss about a pressing matter? What do we allow our kids to participate in? What’s the next step in our career? Life is a collection of choices we make, and it’s best if we involve God in every single one of them.


As you walk through your struggle towards freedom, take note of how the Father carefully watches over you. Make it a priority to remember the little blessings He brings you on your journey. This is going to be crucial if you want to remain dependent on Him once you’ve been through the thick of it.


Sisters, grab the ropes of love the Lord is so graciously extending towards you, and promise to never let go.



Featured Photo by: Samantha Wright

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