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Hosea Intro // Marialicia Coates

By June 3, 2018Relationships

As I was reading Hosea before writing this intro post, I somehow looked at my phone, opened Instagram, and then got lost in it and forgot all about Hosea (hand on the face emoji).


That is basically what Hosea is all about. How often do we forget to focus on The Lord and our relationship with Him because we get distracted with other stuff? Before we know it, that stuff becomes more important to us.


Some may be thinking, “Oh, come on Marialicia! That comparison is a little too drastic. Comparing getting distracted by social media with being promiscuous?” But honestly you guys, unfaithfulness starts with little things. It doesn’t just happen one day in crazy levels. If you don’t believe me, just monitor the time you spend on social media vs. the time you spend reading your Bible per week. I’m pretty sure I’ll prove my point. The funny thing is, yes, you might be reading this because you saw an ad for it on social media, haha! But, hey! Whatever it takes to take you back to your First Love.



Our lack of hunger for God’s Word and His Presence can only come from feeling “full” from other stuff. We can only be hungry for God when there’s nothing else taking God’s place and number one position in our lives. And why do we like to get full of other stuff that is just fluff? Oh man, THAT’S why we’re studying Hosea y’all!


Do you want to know WHY people fall into unfaithfulness and idolatry even while having such a Great Love pursuing them? It’s all about identity!


Join us this month as we learn about identity, true love, and faithfulness through the amazing book of Hosea.

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