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Faithful and True // Jordana Heldreth

By June 15, 2018Leadership

I have been involved in ministry basically my whole life. I was born a pastor’s kid, attended Bible school, participated in multiple mission trips, and have filled in for just about every church role out there. Ministry and working with people  are a part of my life; I love it and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being part of the community and seeing various personalities and gifts come out truly brings my heart great joy. It’s a gift for sure.


There are many upsides to working with people. I love when others use their gifts for the kingdom, when they are living up to their potential, and when they take a plunge and try something new. Simply put, I just love people. However, the greatest downside I have seen in working with people is inconsistency and unfaithfulness. I’m not trying to be a downer, I’m just trying to bring some truth here for a minute.


There have been countless times when I have seen people commit to something and then not follow through. I’ve seen people sign up to teach classes and only teach two times. I’ve seen people say they would be in church on Sunday and never show up. I’ve seen people help for a week or two and then drop out. So how does this happen? Why does this happen? Is it a lack of commitment or confidence, or just poor planning?


Side Note: Leaders, if you have faithful people who are committed to your vision, thank them, love them, notice them, buy them coffee! :)


When I read through Hosea 6 I was struck by the question of why are people so unfaithful: coming to God, leaving God, over and over again. But more importantly, why is He so faithful? He never gets fed up and He never throws His hands up in defeat. Why is He so good? Despite all of our shortcomings, our unfaithfulness, our mistakes, He never ever gives up on us! I mean, guys, WOW!


God recognizes our shortcomings in Hosea 6:4 when He says:


“O Israel and Judah, what should I do with you?” asks the Lord. “For your love vanishes like the morning mist and disappears like dew in the sunlight.


God sees our unfaithfulness and mistakes. He sees it all, and He still loves us anyway. In verse 7, He even talks about Adam breaking the first covenant. So, from the beginning of humankind, there were these elements of brokenness, unfaithfulness, and rejecting God and His promises.


However, there is a promise here as well. In the beginning of the chapter, God promises to respond to us. He will always respond to a heart that is moved towards Him. He will never ever turn you away, He will be there-every day. Our God is faithful and true.


Our job is simply to keep choosing Him, to not be polluted by the ways of the world that lead to hate, jealousy, and greed, but to simply choose Him every day. Our job is to strive to be faithful, and even in our shortcomings He sees our hearts and our attempts to choose Him and do what is right.


Hosea 6:3 promises this:


“…He will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn or the coming of rains in early spring.


Featured Photo by: Blair Workman

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