Don’t be that Friend // Meagan Dwyer

By June 13, 2018All Posts

Have you ever had that friend that only calls you when they need something? You haven’t spoken to them in a few weeks, but they really need your help with a new project or something. Whatever it is that they are calling you for, let’s just call it like it is, you are ANNOYED.


Why wouldn’t you be? They didn’t even ask how you were doing or notice the new haircut you got. They just are calling because they need something.


I feel like this is how God feels towards the Israelites in Hosea.


He loves the people of Israel. He pursues them. He provides for them. He loves them recklessly, but they still leave Him for another God’s. So yes, He’s frustrated. He’s upset. He’s hurt.


Why? Because He deeply loves the Israelites, would do anything for them, but still they choose to run away and disobey him. He feels like they wouldn’t even recognize Him if they were in the same room. Ouch.


Hosea 5:4 “Your deeds won’t let you return to your God. You are a prostitute through and through, and you do not know the Lord.”


The Lord so desires a relationship with you. Did you know that?


He doesn’t just want a hey how you are doing on Sunday’s or Wednesday’s. But an everyday talking, hanging out with you.


God, the father, chose you before you knew you would choose Him.


He doesn’t care about your past. What you did last night or last year. He loves you. He’s pursing YOU. He wants a relationship with YOU.


He wants to be the first person you want to talk to when you get the best news ever. He wants to be the person you run to when things are overwhelming, and you feel like you can’t keep your head above water. He wants to be your best friend. He wants to be your father. He wants to be your provider. He wants to be your healer. He wants to be your everything.


To me, that’s what Hosea is about. God is jealous for you. Not because he’s a mean God or controlling. But because of His deep love for His children. He wants to spend time with you. He wants to care for you. And that’s what Hosea says to me.


That even when I was running the opposite way from God, He was still chasing after me. When I was partying in college, He was there, still chasing after my heart. So where ever you’re at with you walk with God. Know this one thing for sure. He’s crazy about you. He loves you something fierce. And with all that He is, He loves you and everything about you. He’s a proud papa. And He just wants to spend time with you, showing you off to all His friends.



Featured Photo by: Brooke Cagle

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