New Authority // by Krissi Trowbridge

By May 20, 2018All Posts

How do you feel during a transition of authority? When you learn you are getting a new boss, or changing schools where new teachers will be awaiting you? If you are like me, having new authority doesn’t always bring peace or excitement. In fact, for much of my life, change brought: fear, insecurity, suspicion, and uncertainty. 


Growing up, stability was scarce in my home. I lived in low income housing with little supervision. Where addiction was rampant and security was a fantasy. Everyone was suspect… even those who were supposed to be my authority. My protection. This pattern caused a mindset of self preservation, of survival. ‘Can this person be trusted? Do they have my best interest at heart? What is their ulterior motive? I have to keep my guard up.’ 


I didn’t even realize these were issues until I joined my church community and mentors began lovingly addressing me. I was seeing Jesus through the filter of suspicion. Life had taught me I had to take care of myself. That people will be close, only for what they can gain. That nobody REALLY cares that much about you, unless there is something material they can get from you. When you can no longer serve their need, you’re discarded. 


Why am I sharing all of this? Because I love exposing the lies of the enemy. He wants us to remain trapped in the prison of our past experiences, convinced our distorted view of God is true. That God can’t be trusted. That He’s not as good as we think. That HE is conditional in His love. That we need to keep our guard up with Him. LIES. 


In Hebrews 7, the author shatters the idea that God carries the same disappointing characteristics of man. Before Jesus, mere men were appointed as priests. These men would eventually die, meaning uncertainty would come, as a new (flawed, as we all are) man would take the title of ‘priest’ in a new way, bringing his own perceptions with him. 


I am so thankful we live under the new covenant… where there is only one Priest, now and forevermore… Jesus! He permanently became our priest when He came to die for us. His love and devotion are incapable of being temporary! 


Hebrews 7:25,26

“So He is able to save fully from now throughout eternity, everyone who comes to God through Him, because He lives to pray continually for them. He is the High Priest who perfectly fits our need- holy, WITHOUT A TRACE of evil, without the ability to deceive, incapable of sin, and exalted beyond the heavens” (Emphasis added) 


Did you catch that? Jesus doesn’t have days where He is unsure of how He feels towards you, where He doubts His commitment to you, or tries to deceive you. He is never disappointed in His investment in you. HE IS ALL IN FOR YOU! 


I pray that as you read this, any lie that has kept you from opening your heart up in complete trust to Jesus, is exposed and removed. You have the Son of God invested in your life, praying for you, and unconditionally for you! He is always for you, therefore you are always full of purpose and value, no strings attached! Trust brings confidence, and you will become unstoppable. Xx 

Featured photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

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