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Conversations // by Zavi Whipple

By April 27, 2018All Posts


I was tending to my regular duties one afternoon when I heard pounding footsteps and heavy breathing approach my doorsteps, I turned and smiled, knowing my beloved Mary had come for a surprise visit. I ushered her in and put some hot water on the stove to make some tea, her favorite kind. Many a conversation had been had in this very house and hot tea paired with life giving conversations had always been the remedy for anything that had come our way. My smile slowly fell when I looked at her face.


“Mary, what is troubling you my child?”


“Elizabeth, I am afraid, an angel of the Lord has appeared to me, he told me I was with child, and that this baby would be called Jesus. How can this be! I am a virgin! What will people think… and Joseph, he will think I have been unfaithful to him!”


I thought over her words for a moment, and then spoke. My reply stopped her flow of tears and for the first time that day I saw her smile.


Blessed is she who believes the Lord will fulfill His promise to her.

Luke 1:45


When Mary heard the news of her child, conceived of the Holy Spirit, she was afraid, worried, doubtful and concerned. She traveled for miles to a town in the hill country of Judea to seek out advice from a dear friend, Elizabeth. When I read this, it made me think about the importance of relationships and the people we have around us. Mary needed someone she could trust, someone who wouldn’t judge her or condemn her, and someone of wise counsel.


This has challenged me personally, I know that there have been times I felt like I had no one to turn to. If we are being honest, I would say we all have felt this way at some point. It is important as children of God to be constantly plugged into the sources and resources God has made available to us. Our number one place to turn is of course, the Word. A good way to measure your life is by who you turn to first when challenges come your way. Are you talking to your friends before you talk to God about it?


Secondly, we should be constantly poured into as well as constantly pouring out. Our lives should look like a cup with a hole in the bottom of it. As the living water of God is poured into the top, we release to others through the bottom. Our input determines our output. What we are filling ourselves up with inside is what we are going to produce to others. God has called us to be conduits, not just containers of the Word, this is because He has endless supply. The grace, the mercy, the love, we have received from Him is not to be kept inside, it is for us to share with others.

Revelation 12: 11 says:

They overcame him (the enemy) by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony.

Speaking out your victory is an act of faith that not only stirs you up, but others around you as well. He is not done with us, even when we think we are full of Him and have seen enough, He still has more to give.


Who is your Elizabeth? Who can you turn to for Godly and wise council, and who are you being an Elizabeth to? Who can you encourage this week, who can you pray for and with? I pray that you are encouraged and ready to be an Elizabeth!


Featured Image by: Allison Mims

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