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Connections // By Founder Marialicia Coates

By April 1, 2018All Posts

I’m absolutely obsessed with Zumba. Yes. The Latin dance workout that many seniors practice at the gym. In my defense, my instructor is really amazing and the class is no joke. You literally come out of the class sweating like if you had been under a shower. Which brings me to the story of why I’m telling you this. Last Monday my 9:30 Zumba class was pretty full and man did we sweat! There is a Body Pump class immediately after and I decided to stay and do that class too (over achiever much?) When the Body Pump instructor and students came in, I  started hearing lots of “wooooh” “wow” and lots of mumbling. After all the Zumba ladies left, there was no more mumbling, but full voices saying, “It stinks in here!” “Does anyone have some air freshener?” Haha it was pretty comical.


While I was thinking on how to introduce the series for this month, this story I just told came back to me. See, in life, we need people to come from the outside to look inside and help us see what’s going on in us and around us. Because when we are there we can’t really notice or realize all the things that “stink” in us or around us! And I don’t mean stink as in “oh life sucks”, but stink as the things that are not worship of fragrant aroma to God.


God made us to have a relationship with us and so that we can also have relationships with others. Don’t believe me?


“Jesus replied, “‘You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

Matthew 22:37-39 NLT


So I thought,  if God cares so much about our relationships, why aren’t we investing enough time studying about relationships? And there you go. That’s how I chose this month’s series. The word of God can give us the best examples of connections. Good and bad ones. We will study many of them this month and I’m excited because there is so much to learn from them!


I have found myself in a season where I realized I haven’t been intentional enough with my relationships and that has made me oblivious to many things in my own life that I know that if I had key people around me, being really there, they would have been able to tell me. But I isolated myself without even noticing. I kept on giving and giving and giving without receiving anything. And it is so important to be in a place where you can give but also constantly receive.


I believe the series will help people that need good relationships, people who have to let go of bad ones,  people who need to learn how to be in a relationship, people who need to learn how to maintain one, or how to make it better every day.


Join me and all the We Are Beautiful Community to learn about connections and let’s create new connections between us! I can’t wait to meet more new best friends!


Featured image by Allison Mims

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