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Worthy of the Wait // By Jamie McCarroll

By February 18, 2018All Posts

“…my heart for him stayed awake.  I dreamed of my beloved…the melody of the man I love awakened me.  I heard his knock at my heart’s door.” Song of Songs 5:2 Passion Translation

Ladies, let’s take a journey together into the land of Singleness.  Gasp!  I know what you’re thinking.  Did she just go there?  Why go there, especially if we are delving into the Song of Songs and it abounds with marriage chitchat.  It is important to be well rounded and how you are developed during your time of singleness plays a key role in your Christian life and future marriage.  So, we will venture into this journey full of love, but filled with compassion and passion.  One that permeates our minds, bodies, and spirits.  Song of songs is encompassed with a pervading passion.  The very character descriptions of ‘he’ by the young woman stir within a desire to stay steadfast as we wait in our kingdom of single-dom!

I am single and loving it!  I am living my best life now.  Is it always this good?  Has it always been good?  Let me just yell a loud, “NO!”  It takes time, consistency, and a really good support system to arrive at a place of contentment and joy when you are living the life of single-hood.  There are days I yearn for a companionship that can only be fostered and nurtured between a man and a woman as one.  Time after time as I read the Song of Songs have the words practically jumped off the pages and into my heart.  They are words that permeate your being with compassion, passion, love, strength, and character.  Here are some examples:

“There is no one else, but you, my friend, my equal.”

“My beloved reached into me to unlock my heart.”

“My spirit arose to open for more of his touch.”

Song of Songs 5:2,4-5 Passion Translation

At times it can seem a little zealous, but that is what I enjoy most.  There is such a raw sense of vulnerability that just grips me.  This is one of my desires in a mate.  I want them to be real and forthcoming.  Don’t you want that as well?  I want to always be earnestly learning and growing with my mate.  The passion between ‘he’ and the young woman is just so sweetly fragrant to the senses.  As we wait on a love that is pure, undefiled, and blessed by God our character is being developed and strengthened.  Think of him arriving into your life when the time is right.  What do you imagine this point in life looks like to you?  What is his character like?  Here are a few character traits the ‘young woman’ listed she loved about ‘he’:

“The way he leads me is divine.”

“He is steadfast in all he does.  His ways are the ways of righteousness, based on truth and holiness.”

“…there is none like him to me.  Everything about him fills me with holy desire.”

Song of Songs 5:11,15-16 Passion Translation

Wow!  I mean wouldn’t you love to be able to express similar notions about your mate?  Or even have them saying such things about you?  So, work on yourself during this time!  Build your character!  Yes, it is hard and sometimes it feels like the season of ‘wait’ will never end!  This is not the time to be living your life on pause.  Just because you are waiting for him everything else in your life shouldn’t be waiting!  Go ahead, and push play girl!  Live your life!  Keep traveling, keep advancing at work!  Continue to develop your relationship with God!  Keep hanging with friends and family!  Keep doing your extra curricular activities!  Stay involved in life!  You want to be living your best life when he arrives! 

He will fit alongside you as your complement just like a puzzle piece!  Together, as you run the race, you will only enhance each other’s lives.  As you both pursue a love that cannot be matched, quenched, or tamed you will realize he was worth the wait!  You, my friend are worthy of such a passion filled love!

“Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.””

Genesis 2:18 

Featured image by Allison Mims

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