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Redeeming Love // by Mercedes McGaffin

By February 26, 2018All Posts

Years ago in our youth ministry I was talking to a beautiful young girl who seemed to always have a new boyfriend. The guys she was picking were by no means following Jesus and it was easy to see they didn’t care about her. She continued to get her heart broken, I continued to reach out in hopes she would one day listen. On a Wednesday night she came to me and said she hated all men and that she had piled up evidence ever since she was a child that they are all the same. When I asked how she came to her conclusion her answer left me raw inside.


This young teenage girl explained that even her father was just as bad as the men she had dated. At 8 years old she was in a movie theater with her dad. A scene came on that made her very uncomfortable (you do the math on what kind of scene that was). Her first instinct was to look away and as she looked to her father she noticed he wasn’t shocked at all, in fact he didn’t even flinch, he continued to watch.


That one encounter with the most significant man in her life had started a ripple affect that had brought her here to this moment….all men are the same, they only want sex. Was her conclusion right? Absolutely not, all men are not the same just like all women are not the same. However someone she looked up to, to withhold a standard of purity let her down without even realizing that he
was being watched.


Song of Songs (Passion Translation) 7:3 

Within your womb there is a birthing of harvest wheat; they are the sons and daughters nurtured by the purity you impart.

I love in this verse that it says we can nurture others by our purity. As we guard our heart and our eyes we aren’t just doing it for ourselves but for others too. Because someone is watching us to see if we will uphold a standard of purity. Will we turn our heads?


Song of Songs (Passion Translation) 7:4

Your life stands tall as a tower, like a shining light on a hill. Your revelation eyes are pure, like pools of refreshing- sparkling light for a multitude. Such discernment surrounds you, protecting you from the enemy’s advance.


In the society we live in it seems everywhere we turn promiscuity is thrown at us. But Jesus wrote the Bible knowing we would be living in the day we are living in and He gave us all the tools we need to win every battle that comes our way. Even if your past has been less than pure there is redeeming love for you today!


Song of Songs (Passion Translation) 7:11

We will run away together to the forgotten places and show them redeeming love.


There may be places in your past and in your memory that you are not proud of, that are even today causing you to walk in pain, in hurt, in regret, and in shame. But with God you can go to those places and let him cover them with redemption, with restoration, with love, and with forgiveness.


The word ‘Redeem’ means: to retrieve, to regain, recover, get back, reclaim, repossess. Today you have the power by the grace of God to reclaim, recover, and to get back what the enemy has tried to tell you made you unworthy. You may have felt crowned with labels of shame but today redeeming love crowns you as royalty (7:5). Just like that teenage girl,  you have a choice to either believe the lies of the enemy or to choose what God has spoken over you. God says, “you are truly the poetry of God you are his very handiwork.” (7:1) My beautiful friend that is something to smile about! You have been crowned with redeeming love. (7:5)


Featured image by Allison Mims

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