Love Song Intro // By Marialicia Coates

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A year ago I met up with my dear friends Blake and Mallory and we talked about all what God was doing in our lives, ministries and families. I don’t know how but Blake started telling me how life-changing it was to read Song of Songs in the Passion Translation. He asked me to promise him I would get it. It took me quite some time to do it but oh my! I’m so glad I did! Now I want to share it with you because I couldn’t be more sure that God will do some heart surgery on you through this! And you’ll never be the same sister! Even though it sounds completely cheesy to study Song of Songs in the “love month”, trust me, it’s NOT what you think it will be, so stick with us and let us walk you through words that are not just beautiful but powerful!


Dr. Brian Simmon’s, the author of The Passion translation, says a few things in his introduction that I think everyone should read. So here you go:


“By translating this portion of The Word of God, the Song of Songs, I have attempted to translate not only from a scholarly or linguistic perspective, but from the passion of a heart on fire. Love will always find a language to express itself. Fiery love for Jesus pushes our thoughts out of hiding and puts them to words of adoration. This articulation, out of the deepest places of our hearts, moves God and inspires each of us to a greater devotion. Everyone deserves to hear and feel the passion of our Bridegroom for his radiant and soon-to-be perfected bride.”


“So be prepared to see yourself in this journey and hear his lyrics of love sung over you. Invest time to read this through in one sitting. Then go back and read  slowly and carefully, pondering each verse and praying through each love  principle revealed in this translation. I think you may be shocked to read some of  the things spoken over your life, considering them almost too good to be true.”


“In reading this Shalumite’s journey, the storyline’s purpose is often missed or overlooked. I believe the Holy Spirit has hidden within the Song of Songs an amazing story- a story of how Jesus makes his bride beautiful and holy by casting out her fear with perfect love. This sent-from-heaven revelation is waiting to be received with all its intensity and power to unlock the deepest  places of our hearts.”


“Unfortunately for some, the Song of Songs has become merely a book expressing sexuality, with hidden meanings and symbols of sensuality. Many   modern expositors teach from the Song of Songs the sexual relationship  appropriate to a husband and a wife. They find it difficult when others see the  symbols and apply them to the spiritual journey every believer must take as we move further into the passionate heart of our heavenly Bridegroom. Their fear is  that we “over spiritualize” the Song of Songs. How hard that would be! How wonderfully spiritual and holy is this song of all songs!”


Honestly, not to be lazy and not write more but, he said it all! I think now you understand why it’s important for us as believers to really study this book and ask The Lord to reveal His love for us in every line. How he said, “please read the whole book in one sitting” is true! Then we will go back through every chapter and dig deeper through our blog posts. I pray that you can encounter His love in a way you never experienced before! I pray that after you read this book, you will unlock a passion that will never be extinguished and that will impact many to receive the same love that transformed you.


With love,

Marialicia Coates
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