Finding Him in the Garden // By Nikki Charnstrom

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Upon the rising of the sun, the Shulamite bride awoke with a stretch as a smile tickled her lips. She was in love. The butterflies in your stomach, weak in your knees kind of love. She had found the One who makes her heart sing. So, with a deep exhale, her feet touched the ground as she welcomed another day in paradise.


With the push of the curtains, she invited the fresh air to fill her lungs. She grabbed her comb from the vanity and brushed those luscious curls. A light dusting of rouge to brighten her cheeks and a shade of red to adorn her lips. She strolled across the room to a selection of extravagant dresses, none of which she had clothed herself with before. Her fingers plucked through the satin fabrics and royal patterns, searching for the perfect one. She would stand before her King today.


The women surrounding her gazed upon her with adoration, for they envied her rare beauty. Aware of her afternoon agenda, they asked if they might follow her to meet her Beloved. Together, they followed a stone path leading into the King’s garden. With every step, the bride’s heart rate quickened as she was that much closer to being in His presence. What words of affection would He speak over her? Would He recognize her beauty? Would He swoon over the dress she so intentionally put on?


One last step upon the last stone and she was standing before her one true love. Oh, the way her cheeks blushed with passion for Him. And then almost as if an eternity had passed, He spoke:


“O my beloved, you are lovely.

 When I see you in your beauty,

  I see a radiant city where we will dwell as one.

  More pleasing than any pleasure,

  more delightful than any delight,

  you have ravished my heart,

  stealing away my strength to resist you.

  Even hosts of angels stand in awe of you.


  The shining of your spirit

  shows how you have taken my truth

  to become balanced and complete.

  Your beautiful blushing cheeks

  reveal how real your passion is for me,

  even hidden behind your veil of humility.

  I could have chosen any from among the vast multitude

  of royal ones who follow me.

  But one is my beloved dove — unrivaled in your beauty,

  without equal, beyond compare,

  the perfect one, the only one for me.”


Song of Songs 6:4, 6-9


His words fell upon her ears and etched themselves onto her heart. She was amazed at how He could speak to even the deepest, most hidden parts of her. Sure, the glamorous dress and makeup aided in her self-confidence but it was the truth within His words that covered her far greater than any man-made fabric every could. Ever since she met Him, her value was no longer found in physical, earthly virtues but her worth now lies within the divine perfection of unconditional love.


Was she deserving of such affection? She sure didn’t think so and by her own standards, she wasn’t. However, the King lavished His love upon her despite her shortcomings and unimpressive past. He wasn’t after a reputable woman, but one with a heart of gold. She wore humility much like the dress she stepped into and He admired that far more than anything else she’d ever wear.


Featured image by Allison Mims

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