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Our Father is Grace // By Zavi Whipple

By February 23, 2018All Posts

***Please read Song of Song chapter 6 in the Passion Translation before reading today’s post***

I have recently been on my soapbox about the injustice I see in this world. I remember for years I would hate the phrase “we are all created equally.” I would look around the world I live in and pick out the flaws of all those around me. “She is too fat, she is poor, he smells bad and doesn’t take care of himself.” How can we all be created equally when one person is “beautiful” and another is hard to look at?


This critiquing followed me throughout my years, and I was lost in an endless cycle of comparing myself to others, my bad was canceled out with really good goods. I could see what was “wrong” with others, fed off of their downfalls and thrived in environments where I felt superior. These brief moments of artificial happiness were all too soon washed away with the doubt and self hatred that followed the breeze of another passersby who I would deem “better.”


While I was reading chapter 6 of Song of Solomon in the passion translation,  I was overcome with peace. Our Father is up in the Heavens spinning the world around on our behalf. If we could understand for even a brief moment how He sees us, that His face is shining down on us from the Heavens. He did not create us so He could sit on His throne and cast judgment and condemnation on us. He created the birds in the sky and sweet smelling flowers and set this world in motion so we could do, and become, and be. He is not a God who’s worth is dependant upon being better than all. He is a God who’s heart is to love, to watch His creation thrive and set into motion amazing things. He is not picking and choosing whom He will  bless or which of His creations He will love.


Zephaniah 3:17 says that the Lord is taking delight in me and dancing over me and you with gladness. As humans we like to feel like the one on top. Our flesh feeds off of moments when our opinion is validated by others, when we are in control. God is not feeding His ego with our praise and adoration to Him. Our Father loves. We can only strive to know what love is, though we are made of flesh, and we fall and we miss the mark with selfish ambition, our Father is grace.


He wants you to look at you neighbor not as competition, not as a mark to beat, but as your fellow brother, sister, as your advocate and supporter. Our hearts cry should be that Lord, I am weak, but through my weakness you are proven strong. Lord I cannot but you can. Lord I am willing, but I need you. Every hour, every minute, every second. Let them see you in me. Change me, mold me, create me into your image. Celebrate with each other, for He has created us all.


Featured image by Allison Mims

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