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Fastened to Him // By Jordana Heldreth

By February 13, 2018All Posts

***Please read Song of Songs chapter 3 before reading***


Our God is the most faithful. One thing we can always have hope in, is that we are connected to Him. He is always there, always present, always listening. He never stops-pursuing, listening, connecting, teaching, reaching.


Now we on the other hand, have many distractions that can cause us to lose focus of the main thing-connection to Him. We have jobs, families, kids, friends, and just stuff that happens in life. Sometimes we can lose sight of the fact that even when we get busy, and life gets wild that He is still there.


In Song of Solomon 3, I feel like this is what is being realized. In the first three verses, she keeps asking where has He gone, but if only she knew that He never left and He never will. This is something that if only we would also realize, our perspective of God and our relationship would go to deeper levels.


But then, in verse 4 she realizes He is there.


Just as I moved past them, I encountered Him. I found the one I adore! I caught him and fastened myself to him, refusing to be feeble in my heart again…

Song of Solomon 3:4 Passion Translation


You see, He never leaves us, never forsakes us, never gives up on us-even when we are unfaithful, and even when we do everything perfect. Hes not conditional in the way He loves us. However, we do have to realize this truth. My sisters, when we awaken to this truth that He is there always, when we encounter Him and when we fasten ourselves to Him and what He is doing in us and around us, our lives will never be the same. EVER. When we are fastened to Him, that means we have grasped the reality that we are never walking through life alone. It means we are aware of the work He is doing around us, and we are positioning ourselves to be involved with Him and His work on every level. This should ultimately be the goal for each of us.


Lets make it our aim to be fastened to Him, so close that we never have to wonder where He is. I believe, truly, that nothing would make His heart more joyful.


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