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Embracing Your Season of Destiny // By Olivia Hall

By February 9, 2018All Posts

Can you not discern this new day of destiny? (2:13)

A new day of destiny. These words of hope in Song of Songs chapter two ring as true to the Shulamite woman as they do to us today. Our God of grace calls us to a new destiny, a new hope, a new-found life in our relationship with him – but are we willing to discern it when it comes?


The early signs of my purposes and plans are bursting forth. The budding vines of new life are now blooming everywhere. The fragrance of their flowers whispers,

“There is change in the air.” (2:13)

How often have we prayed for the revival, for healing, for a new dawn to come in our relationship with God, but when it comes, we hesitate to embrace it with our whole heart?

Temptations from our past insecurities draw us back time and time again. Comfortability from safe places hold us hostage, all the while God calls us forward to this new life available to us.


Arise, my love, my beautiful companion,

and run with me to the higher place.

For now, is the time to arise and come away with me. (2:13)


God reaches out to us to experience our destiny now. Not tomorrow, not when it’s easiest and most comfortable, but in this moment. Arising as beloved women of God, he takes us to a higher place, a place of healing oneness with him.


His left hand cradles my head

while his right hand holds me close.

I am at rest in this love.(2:6)


The Hebrew word used here for “left” is smowl, which can also mean “dark” – The “left hand” of the Lord speaks of the mysteries of his ways—the unseen activities of grace, which are so little understood.


God’s ways don’t always seem clear to us – These “unseen activities of grace” often leave us with doubts and fears, holding us back from life to the full in Christ.


When we trust in these “unseen acts of grace” we can rest in the knowledge that our God is always working on our behalf, even if he seems distant.

   Now he comes closer,

   even to the places where I hide.[m]

   He gazes into my soul,

   peering through the portal

   as he blossoms within my heart. (2:9)

Isn’t it striking that God isn’t afraid to come to the “places we hide”?


Religious duty will always give us a place to hide, but the contrast of our God is striking – he isn’t afraid of our walls.


He leaps over them with joy, peering into our deepest heart and loving all that he finds deep within us.  


I know my lover is mine and I have everything in you,

   for we delight ourselves in each other. (2:16)

This deep-rooted confidence in our God will shake our lives. To know the lover of our soul and to find every need in him is the fullness of God manifesting itself in our hearts.


Beautiful women, embrace your new season of destiny with delight. Allow God behind your walls like the Shulamite woman, and open your heart to a God who knows every part of you.


Featured image by Allison Mims

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