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Strength Like Mary // By Emily Rhinehart

By January 13, 2018All Posts

I feel that we can all relate to Mary Magdalene. Her life starts out rough and out of focus. However, once she found the glory of God her old life died and she began to live with purpose. She began her new life continuously seeking and following Him.


Mary is a great example of how we should follow Jesus. Once she was saved her focus remained purely on Him and she risked everything to be by Jesus’ side.  At first it seems wild that she threw everything away to walk with Him, but isn’t that what we’re supposed to do when we give our lives to Christ? Our old life is gone and we’re supposed to be living as though we are continuously walking right next to Jesus asking Him for advice and guidance every single moment of every single day.  


For me, Mary Magdeline’s story is empowering. Her life was filled with so much negativity she probably felt she would never feel happiness in her heart. Once she found Christ, she embodied a new hope and meaning for how she would spend her days. Everyday was no longer a struggle for her but a roaring commitment to the One who completely changed her life for the better.


I know as followers of Christ it may seem intimidating to start or renew a relationship with Christ because we think that we have sinned or strayed at such an extent that He would never accept us. I encourage you to take a chance like Mary. Forget who your past self was. Throw away your doubts and fears and open your eyes to a new life with Christ just as Mary did. Her story is a story of triumph because she overcame a rough start and decided her life needed a new change.


If you have strayed from Christ, need to deepen your relationship, or even begin your relationship with  Jesus, go all in. Throw yourself into His arms. Let Him guide you through this new change. He knows how daring and scary this is for you. The most beautiful part is that He will be walking next to your side every step of the way. I hope you can find your inner Mary Magdalene strength and dive deep into a new you, I dare you. 


Featured image by Allison Mims 

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