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Dare to Sing // By Emily Albrecht

By January 7, 2018All Posts

Let me be the first to admit that I cannot sing. Well, I can sing, but not well and not in a way that would bless those around me. I did, however, discover that somehow if the music is loud enough in my car, I tend to sound just like whatever artist is playing at that moment… not sure how I always sound better in the car, but I’m going with it!


Just this morning, I had the opportunity to worship, sing and praise our incredible and worthy God with a handful of my dear friends. We sang in thankfulness and celebration of all that He did in 2017. We also sang and declared in expectation for all that He will do in 2018. There was power in the collective agreement that He is the one to be glorified, that He is the one to be praised, that He is the one who has done it before and can do it again.


As I dove in to study more of who Deborah was in Judges Chapter 4 and 5, I was moved at the connection between her story and our worship.


I love that her story comes before her song. Chapter 4 tells the story of her leadership, her fearlessness, and her faith. It tells the story of her influence, her wisdom, and her divine purpose. Of how she faithfully delivered a word from God to Barak, but then also joined on his journey and faced the battle ahead alongside him. Ultimately, walking into victory. Chapter 5 sings the song. A song to sing of what happened, to recount the provision of the Lord, the protection from our God, the battles that He won, the invitation to move into land that He chose for us, a song to remind us what God has done and what He can do.


I believe that God is showing us that when we stay in the story, stay in our purpose, stay in our lane, stay in our calling, we will sing song after song after song recalling the mighty works of the Lord!


The lyrics in Chapter 5 sing out, earnestly charging you to wake and sing and move towards what God is calling you to:


“Wake up, wake up, Deborah! Wake up, wake up, sing a song! On your feet, Barak! Take your prisoners!” Judges 5:15 MSG


The song continues, line after line, victory after victory. And it ends with three statements that I believe will impact your daily life:


““So let all your enemies perish, O Lord; But let those who love Him be like the rising of the sun in its might.” And the land was at rest for forty years.” Judges 5:31 AMP


We serve a God whose enemies will perish before Him.


As we LOVE our God, we will shine brightly in this world.  


And then, just then, there will be rest.


So darling sister, I dare you to sing. To sing of all that God has done in your life and celebrate all that is to come.


Be willing to stand up, like Deborah did, and respond to your calling and your purpose.


Be willing to go, like Deborah, with the people God calls you to fight alongside.


And be willing to sing, sing of the victory that has been behind you and that comes before you.


Featured image by Allison Mims

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