Dare To Find Deliverance // By Nikki Charnstrom

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Having a reputation is unavoidable and frankly, a part of being human. You and I could be known for completely different traits, behaviors and life choices. No matter how much you strive for one image, the past is sometimes all people see. Rahab, a daring woman of faith was introduced to us in Joshua 2 as a prostitute. Her reputation around Jericho wasn’t the cleanest. If the people only knew who she really was, they’d see she was doing the best she could with the cards she’d been dealt.


At a young age, Rahab’s beauty was noticed by the king and as we know, what the king wants, the king gets. With no help from her father, she was forced to leave her family behind and start a life she had no control over. From the moment she was taken into the king’s palace, her reputation among the people was forever changed. God, however, had written His name upon her heart.


Rahab, being the cunning, intelligent woman she was, made the absolute most out of her situation. She pinpointed the king’s greatest weakness and used it to her advantage. His thirst for knowledge and information was enough leverage when it came time for Rahab to find her own independence. Her plan had worked, she was given her own house situated near the city’s gate. Here she could coax weary travelers and men of influence into her home, learn of the secrets they carry, and reveal them to the king.


Amongst all the shame she’d felt for the life she’d led, her heart was beating for the God of the Israelites. Surrounded by people who believed in carved statues and man-made idols, Rahab knew for certain there was more to life than this. Her spirit within longed to know God and to be considered among His people. She was well aware of the Lord’s power and came to fear Him as a woman of unshakeable faith.


Rahab was a woman with a seemingly unforgivable past, yet God restored her future. By the time she found redemption, half of her life had been given to her work as a prostitute. In the unforgiving eyes of her family and by the unrealistic standards of society, she was untouchable. However, mere man knew nothing of unconditional love, but her Heavenly Father sure did.


Be encouraged by Rahab’s story. She was delivered from the fate of Jericho and sent out into the world as a woman of God. Her past no longer defined her and her sins couldn’t hold her back. In the same way, the Lord redeems your past and ignites your future in beautiful hues of love and mercy. There is no fault, failure or sin too great to keep you from the destiny God’s placed over your life. I believe He uses people with the most broken stories to share the truth of His flawless love. Think about it. If your entire life was this perfect image of success, you would have no reason to proclaim God’s great grace. You have to walk through the storm in order to appreciate the sunshine.


Your story is not over. Believe in who God says you are and invite Him to pick up your pieces. You might be broken now, but He is excellent at fixing a shattered heart. Get ready, because God is going to use you to further His kingdom. There is no one else more equipped than you. Dare to be used by God, for He is going to do a powerful work through you.


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