Dare to Believe // By Zavi Whipple

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Joshua and his spies were in Jericho spying on the land they were sent to attack, and stayed at Rahab’s house. Rahab was known in the land as a prostitute, and when the king of Jericho sent his men to find Joshua and his spies they came to Rahab’s house and asked her where they had gone. She hid Joshua and his spies and they promised that if she did not turn them in, her and her whole family would be saved when the city was destroyed. When the king’s men came to Rahab, she denied knowing where the spies were. Though Rahab had been labeled a prostitute, and scorned by men, she dared to believe that her family could be protected and saved. (Joshua 2)


Dear Rahab,

You are courageous. With just the decision to keep striving, to keep waking up and  moving, you have shown qualities of a VICTOR. You, dear Rahab, are strong. In your moments of uncertainty, you took a step of faith you didn’t even know you would. I am proud of you for your attempts at something you never even thought you would do. In testing moments your inner strength shines through. You have not allowed the things you have done taint the image of the woman I have created you to be.


I do not define you by the mistakes of the past, nor the mistakes of the future, but by the impact you will have when you do what I have called you to do.  I have seen you at your darkest moments. Those when your body was in compromising places, and you thought you were no longer worthy to be called mine. Moments when the thoughts and opinions of others changed your view of yourself.


You have gone through fire, the devil seemed to have won the battle over your mind, and brought you down to dark places where he would attempt to keep you from producing the fruit from the seed that I had planted in you. You seemed faithless, but when the time came, you dared to believe that there was someone who could save, and someone with a bigger picture in mind.


I saw you through your hard times, foreseeing the times when you let a little bit of faith change this world, and you will do it again. You had a reputation, maybe it was that you were a prostitute, maybe you were a gossip, a liar, selfish. But now you are known for changing the course of the world, simply because you dared to trust in me and believe that I could use you for great and mighty things. You will have the strength when you need it most, to believe. Already, you have dreams, visions, and hopes that will come to pass if you will dare to believe just a little longer. Your confident hope in the promises I have given you is your faith like a mustard seed, and you have no idea what I am going to do with that faith.


Keep seeking me, fighting against the devil and not against each other. Your moment is on its way, your miracle, your breakthrough, your victory is coming, quickly, if you simply dare to keep believing.


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