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Redemption // By Zavi Whipple

By December 2, 2017All Posts

Let’s start this off with the right perspective, the book of Romans was written by a man named Paul, formerly Saul, who was chosen by Christ to be an apostle of Him. Before Paul was Saul, he was not some glamorous man who walked around giving money to the poor and sheltering the homeless. No, this man was a murderer of Christians.


We all walk around with baggage. We mess up and then hear the devil in our ears until he has new ammunition that comes with new sin. But here in Romans we have one of the greatest stories of redemption. Saul was a faithless sinner, and he was chosen by the Lord. In moments of weakness when all I feel is the weight of my sins, I remember this story.


Paul could have been ashamed of his actions and hid behind the guilt, but instead, he chose to accept the Father’s love and walk in his new name. Life is noisy, loud, and we can be so quick to see our sins and flaws above all the good in ourselves. But if you close your eyes for a second and focus on the one who adores you, and ask Him how he sees you, I promise the word you will hear will not be “sinner”.


Romans is written with such desperation, similar to the book of Ephesians. You can hear Paul’s desperate plea to the world. His plea to see people turn back to the Father and experience His love. For it is only through the magnificent love of the Father that we come to know Him. We were bought with a precious gift. We are saved by grace, through faith. It is so vital to understand the process of salvation through Christ. We have to first comprehend the fact that the grace of the Father extends forever, and there is nothing too bad we will do to lose it, nor is there anything good enough we can do to be more worthy. The society we live in these days is so performance based. If we stand out in sports, we are wanted to play,  if we are funny, friends accept us, if we are pretty ENOUGH or attractive ENOUGH, or smart ENOUGH, etc… the list goes on of things that make us “acceptable” in man’s sight.


The amazing part about God is that His love for us in not performance based. He sent His son for us knowing all the sins we would commit. There are times in my life where I will be so on fire for Him. I’ll start feeling good about my relationship with Him, like I’m walking in His calling on my life, and then BAM, I mess up, sin, fall back on walking in love with those around me. I start feeling like I’m not earning my relationship with God. It’s in those moments that we have to stop and remember that God loves us the same on our “good behavior” days and our day of perceived failures.


I want to encourage you as well as challenge you to be still and bask in the presence of God in those moments, day, weeks, or even seasons of feeling condemned.


Romans 8:1 “For there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ”


Do you believe it? I do.


Featured image by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

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