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I Know My Redeemer Lives // by Christian Bosse

By November 27, 2017All Posts

The entire book of Ruth is often characterized by the love displayed from page to page. But what I appreciate most from this great book is the beauty that comes out of doing the right thing.


We have two people, a man and a woman, from very different backgrounds with different pasts. Boaz is an unmarried Jewish man who has been blessed by God and oversees employees. Ruth is a Moabite woman who has lost not only her husband, but her father-in-law and brother-in-law by death, and sister-in-law by circumstance. She chooses to relocate with her mother-in-law and live off the instruction of her mother-in-law and the generosity of others.


When it finally comes time for her family to be redeemed, Boaz takes it up through the proper channels. He meets with the elders and the redeemer ahead of him in line. He declares that it is time to redeem the land which belonged Naomi’s family. The redeemer is gun-ho, ready-to-go. He’s elated to do the right thing, until it is pointed out that he will have to marry Ruth, a Moabite widow.


This is where the enemy loves to rub all kinds of lies and shame in our faces. You see, if Ruth was there, she would be left with a choice. She would have to decide how to carry herself in this moment. Some guy finds it within himself to redeem land, but is unwilling to do the work it takes to redeem it. He judges her book without reading even the summary. He takes one look at her past circumstances and quickly declines.


The devil would love to take the words of your enemies and adversaries and blast them on your social media. He would love to give others one tiny detail of your life and blow it out of proportion. He wants you to be left alone, feeling disqualified for a past you may or may not have walked into. But God knows better. And so should you.


Like Boaz, God sees who you are. He knows your history. He’s not taken aback by it. He isn’t scared of your mess. The Lord sees the steps you have taken to pull your way out. He’s watched your struggle to let go of the sin in your life. He knows you might trip and fall sometimes. But He honors the work you do. He is proud of the behind-the-scenes harvesting you’ve been doing. God has told His angels to drop some extra blessings so that you can be strengthened. And He’s about to do something that will blow you away.


Boaz doesn’t hesitate for a second. He says, “I am next in line and I am willing.” He trades his shoe with this unnamed redeemer and restores Naomi’s family in a heartbeat.


This is what God does for us. He doesn’t sit back and say, “well, she was this in her past” or “she used to be like this”. God will redeem you faster than you can blink an eye, because He has been on the sidelines, watching you fight for what is right.


It only takes one person to see your value. If that person is God, He is all you need.


You may have been out in that field picking up scraps of the harvest for two months or eight years. God watched you do it. He watched you work day in and day out. He heard your tear-filled prayers and He wrote them all down. Your day of redemption is coming. In fact, it may be right around the corner.


Don’t listen to the opinions of others. If they can’t take time to read your book, why give them the satisfaction of submitting a review?


Remember Who your redeemer is. Remember that He is alive and He will not leave you without. Your day is coming. It is only a matter of time.


Featured image by Veronika Balasyuk

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