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Introduction to the Book of Ruth // By Marialicia Coates

By November 6, 2017All Posts

Compassion makes you get out of your way to help others no matter who they are, what they have done or where they are from.  Compassion doesn’t expect anything back and it’s not moved by obligation; it is moved by love.


Ruth had no obligation whatsoever to stay with Naomi, her late husband’s mother, but compassion moved her heart to stay. Ruth’s heart broke for Naomi. She got out of her way not just for a moment, but for life; and that was just the beginning of her story, or should we say, the NEW beginning? Ruth was forced to start her life over again between the ages of 15-25 theologians say.


Would you be willing to leave all you know to help others? Even when you don’t know what it will you in the future? Were faithfulness and compassion Ruth’s only qualities? Or are there more?


Let’s find out together as we dive into the amazing booth of Ruth!


Featured graphic by Allison Mims

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