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Let the People Rejoice! // By Bailey Edrington

By September 30, 2017All Posts

Nehemiah 12:43

“And on that day they offered great sacrifices, rejoicing because God had given them great joy. The women and children also rejoiced. The sound of rejoicing in Jerusalem could be heard far away.”


Not a single one of us will make it out of this life unscathed, untouched or unreached by the troubles of this life. At some point, we are destined to interact with the darkness that has enshrouded this world since Eden. This world freely gives opposition and promises defeat; but God…


God in all His love and sovereignty gives us His victory for the world’s defeat.


We pick up in Nehemiah 12 when the Israelites just successfully completed rebuilding the wall surrounding Jerusalem and are celebrating their victory. Up until this point, the Israelites were encircled by enemies who tried everything in their power to divide the people against one another. Yet, against all odds and with God’s help, the Israelites finish rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls. The people rejoiced and the sound of their praise could be heard from well outside the walls of Jerusalem.


Looking back through the previous chapters of Nehemiah, it’s clear that building the wall was no easy task – especially not with all the enemies surrounding Jerusalem wanting nothing more than to see Israelites end in defeat. We will have moments in this life, just like the Israelites, where it feels as though the entire world is rooting for us to fail, like the enemy is attacking on all sides and we are circled in with very little hope. But we have a good God who is fighting with us and for us and equipping us to handle the task at hand.


We have a God who is moved by our prayers, moved by our faithfulness to Him, moved by His love for us, so much so, He promises to work all situations out for our good. This is not to say we will get everything we want, exactly how we want it; however, when we serve him and we run into opposition, He promises to share His victory with us. He promises to trade our mess for His mercy and give us a reason to dance.


When the world tells us to wallow in sadness and defeat, God promises to strengthen us from within, to reveal more of His love for us, to prove Himself faithful to us. Ladies, I think this is cause enough to spend every day for the rest of our lives celebrating! The God of the universe gives us great joy through the finished work of Christ and by keeping His promises to us like He did with the Israelites.


What the world intends to use as a weapon for our defeat, God uses as the foundation for our victory in Him. We can stand firm on the promises of His Word and know He will do abundantly more than we can ask or imagine, because He is faithful to us. Our God delights in seeing us rejoice in His never-ending faithfulness. Our Heavenly Father loves to see his daughters dancing and singing out of the overflow of joy He placed in their hearts.


Ladies, even when it may seem like we are trapped in our circumstances, we can lean on God’s victory. When it gets tough to trust in him, look back at your life and hold onto the testimonies of His faithfulness, crack open your Bible and breathe of His sovereignty, cling to the hope you have in Christ! I can promise you this: our God is good and we have a reason to spend our days dancing through the streets of our Jerusalem, praising the one who placed the stars in the sky, set the earth in motion and breathed life into our bones. He is good to us and He keeps His promises to us –it’s about time we start rejoicing.


Featured image by Keenan Constance

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