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The Coming Challenge // By Emily Rhinehart

By September 16, 2017All Posts

We all have battles in our life that define who we are. and we can also admit that we don’t handle our problems the way God wants us to. I don’t mean to begin with such a harsh tone but to simply state a reality. The sweetest aspect about your battles is that the Lord is always with you


Can you sense a coming challenge? It’s like knowing a storm is ahead of you. You need to decide to stand your ground or run for cover. It’s the same with our battles. If you see a problem popping it’s head out of the corner and The Lord is speaking “Stand your ground”, what do you do? Do you follow His instruction or do you ignore Him? I pray that you will stand your ground and  follow your calling. If it means to pick up your shield and prepare for battle then girly, you got this!


So you might be asking, “What’s my shield?” The wonderful power of prayer. Nehemiah called on The Lord to protect the wall builders in Jerusalem.


         “Then I pressed further, ‘what you are doing is not right! Should you not walk in the fear of our God in order to avoid being mocked by enemy nations?'”

          Nehemiah 5:9


As the people of Jerusalem fought hard to stay strong, they couldn’t help but feel some defeat. They begged to give in but Nehemiah reminded them to stay strong and call on The Lord for their strength against their doubts. The Lord called them to serve a specific purpose and Nehemiah wasn’t going to let their  fear of failure distract them from their victory.


Just as Nehemiah instructed the people of Jerusalem, we must remain firm in our stance with what He has instructed us. We must overcome our battle. Yes, it will be hard, but  you’re following what The Lord has instructed you to follow. You’ve spent your time in prayer and He says that you must do this in order to please Him and to strengthen your relationship with Him.


I encourage you all today to ask God what your next step is. He may tell you to back away or He may whisper for you to be firm in your proclamations. Your prayer is your mighty shield against your enemy and what God instructs you to do through His word will lead you to safety.


Featured image by Tanja Heffne

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