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Burnt Out Heart // By Jordan Wood

By September 25, 2017All Posts
Jesus Saves

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get in a mood where I just feel burnt out. Whether it’s burnt out from working, burnt out from life’s responsibilities or just burnt out from serving…this feeling brings my emotions to a state of numbness. While it’s good to sometimes take a step back and give myself rest when my body is telling me I need it, this state of feeling burnt out can be dangerous. When I feel this way, I find it easy to fall into the pattern of believing lies about my situation.


One of the lies my mind processes is, “Is God going to deliver me through my current situation, or is he just holding out on me?” Well ladies, let me first re-iterate that if you have thought this question before, that it is in fact a lie. When my mind gets to this point of questioning, it is difficult to remind myself of truth when the truth doesn’t feel believable.


A lot of what I am currently describing is based on my feelings. However, I want to remind you and myself that our feelings don’t dictate our identity in God and who God is Himself. No matter what thoughts are going through your mind in this very moment, those feelings don’t change God’s faithfulness.


While I was reading through Nehemiah chapter 9, I learned of how the Israelites confessed their sin. Then it hit me, falling into this lie of believing God won’t deliver me from my current situation is because I haven’t spent time in a while just being with God and confessing to Him the struggles of my heart. I had been turning to Netflix or friends to ease my thoughts and not the Lord. According to verse 13 in Chapter 9 of Nehemiah, The Israelites “stood where they were and read from the Book of the Law of the Lord their God for a quarter of the day, and spent another quarter in confession and in worshipping the Lord their God.” 


The Israelites spent a quarter of the day in confession with the Lord and I probably spent more than a quarter of my weekend watching “The Office” on Netflix. Reading this example of how the Israelites worshipped the Lord  opened my heart to recognize my need for this daily confession with the Lord.


Sometimes we may not have time to confess and worship the Lord every day. But I encourage you who feel the way I’ve been feeling, to set aside time. Time to really open up to the Lord about what is on your heart. Ask Him to show you areas of sin that you can’t see, and confess to Him anything on your heart that isn’t pleasing to Him. Be honest. Anytime I spend this time of sweet prayer with the Lord, it’s amazing to see how He shows up. He fills me with comfort and grace. He may not deliver in my situation exactly how I wish right that second, but He always delivers by comforting me and guiding me.


God isn’t holding out on anyone. He wants to deliver in your situation, but when there is sin in our hearts, that hinders us from connecting with Him. The Lord puts no limits on the number of times we can come to Him and obtain mercy, but we must come in order to obtain it. We must recognize our need and ask Him for help.


In Nehemiah, we see that Israel was devastated by times of intense rebellion and sin, yet when the people repented and returned to God, they were delivered. Don’t let your numb hearts believe lies that hold you back from God interceding in your life. Join with me in confessing what’s really on our minds and take those thoughts captive. Allow God to work and heal you from whatever you are going through right now and believe that He will deliver you just as He delivered the Israelites.


Featured image by Edwin Andrade



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