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The Wind // By Mercedes McGaffin

By July 23, 2017All Posts

The other week I had one of those days where it seemed like I just wasn’t getting anything done. I kept getting phone calls, and extra things getting put on my plate. Have you ever experienced a day like this? Or if we are really honest have you ever experienced a week like this?


It reminds me of Peter in Matthew  14:22-33, when he walks on the water towards Jesus and begins to sink because of doubt.  I thought to myself, what was it that distracted Peter? It wasn’t the devil, it wasn’t the men on the boat-it was the wind. A natural daily occurrence.


In my own life I think I am distracted in the same ways, it’s the natural things. It’s busyness, it’s business, it’s unexpected medical bills, it’s opinions of others, that never ending to do list. What really hinders me from keeping my eyes on Jesus are those natural distractions.


1 Corinthians 7:35 NKJV “And this I say for your own profit, not that I may put a leash on you, but for what is proper, and that you may serve the Lord without distraction.”


The moment we get our eyes off of the Word of God and what Jesus is saying we begin to focus on natural things and we lose spiritual power. Don’t lose a diamond being distracted chasing glitter. If you make God your focus you will be amazed at how He will empower you and take care of everything else.


The Bible says Haman was a mighty man second only to the King of Persia. He was riding through the city and everybody in the Kingdom bowed down and cried out “though art a might man” except one man, Mordecai.


Mordecai was certain there was only one God and Haman wasn’t him. Out of everyone bowing down, Haman noticed the one who wasn’t.


Doesn’t that sound like some of us? Instead of seeing 99.9% of the people for us, we see the 1%  that said something negative about us.


Don’t lose focus because of a few. The road to where you are going has a lot of places you could stop and park if you let yourself get distracted. God never told us to impress people or please them, He simply told us to love them.


After this Haman was enraged and came up with a plot to exterminate the whole Jewish race so he could get to one man. The King agreed to let Haman enact his plan, but read with me what happened next.


Esther 6:1 ESV “On that night the king could not sleep.”


The King asked for the record of what had been happening in the city to be read to him. He heard how Mordecai had stopped a terrorist plot that was going to try to assassinate the King and Mordecai had warned them and they had been caught. When the King heard this he asked what had been done to honor the man and reward him for what he had done. The men said “sir we didn’t do anything”. The King was upset that nothing had been done for the man who saved his life. The King said, “He’s a man in whom I want to delight and honor in a big way.”


Then the King saw a man in the other court, Haman. He was excited to meet with the King because he thought he was about to get a promotion. So the men bring Haman into the King’s presence and the King says,


“What would you do if the King had someone he wanted to honor and delight himself in?”


Haman thinks he is talking about him, so he says,


“Oh I would put the Kings royal attire on him, I would get the Kings horse and let him ride through the Kingdom, I would get a crown and put it on his head and I would get someone to run in front of him saying “behold a man in whom the King delights and honors.”


The King says, “Great idea do that for Mordecai.”


Friend, like Mordecai, in the midst of what may seem like a plot against you, don’t get distracted by the wind… your King isn’t sleeping!


God wants to delight in you and honor you.

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