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Who Do You Serve? // By Nikki Charnstrom

By July 17, 2017All Posts

If someone proclaims their faith, what does it really mean? Imagine something you’re incredibly passionate about. You would do anything to make it a part of your daily life, right? Passions fuel our motives and guide our decisions, they are very much apart of us. That thing you’re most passionate about is so near and dear to your heart, don’t you feel like sharing it with those around you? People understand you best when they know what makes you tick. Knowing your greatest desires is the key to your heart.


Mordecai’s heart was for God. He didn’t curb his faith with the commands of King Ahasuerus. He was a Jewish man who held onto his beliefs and his identity in the Father. While all the world told him he was wrong, his faith was steadfast no matter the consequences.


After Esther was crowned queen, King Ahasuerus promoted Haman as the authority over all the princes who were with him. To his advantage, Haman found great favor in the king. The respect he was undoubtedly handed down gave confidence to his ego, so when Mordecai refused to bow down, anger ensued.


At the king’s gate the servants paid homage to Haman and were taken aback when Mordecai did not participate in this seemingly required behavior. While they first confronted him themselves, they decided to involve Haman in questioning Mordecai’s refusal.


“Now it was when they had spoken daily to him and he would not listen to them, that they told Haman to see whether Mordecai’s reason would stand; for he had told them that he was a Jew. When Haman saw that Mordecai neither bowed down nor paid homage to him, Haman was filled with rage.” Esther 3:4-5


The king’s servants wanted to see just how strong and serious Mordecai was about his faith and he passed their test flawlessly. They were looking for him to fold, give in and quiver with fear for Haman’s wrath but Mordecai could not be moved. It was in that moment he solemnly proclaimed his faith.


Haman’s ego felt threatened causing him to act out in anger and declare his plan to wipe out the entire population of Jews under King Ahasuerus. Like all those in authority, Haman believed anyone who disobeys the power is a dangerous force and he convinced the king of his plan.


So what does Mordecai’s story mean for us? His life and heart after God should be a model in which you base your faith on. I want to live my time here on this earth knowing whom I serve. When my time here is done, I want to be able to say I defended Him. If we are going to call ourselves Christians, true followers of Christ, then we must be willing to remain standing when everyone else around us is on their knees. Serving a king requires unfaltering allegiance and God humbly asks the same of us.


Mordecai didn’t sacrifice his faith for the sake of an earthly king. He wasn’t focused on the repercussion but rather the One who would keep him safe. God will honor your stand. Just as Haman’s plans to eradicate the Jews fell through, so will the schemes of the enemy. All the Lord asks of us is to be loyal and committed to Him. Whatever is in your face, screaming at you to bow down-I promise it’s not worth it. Refuse to compromise your faith for the approval of the things of this world. Our destiny is heaven and heaven alone.


Stand tall above those who have succumbed to fear and let His truth ground you and make you strong. Proclaim your faith from the mountains and valleys, confident in the King YOU serve.


Image by Yoann Boyer


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