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Arise Singing – Philippians 3 // by Christian Bosse

By March 29, 2017All Posts

Women are compelled to move forward in a way that is successful and rewarding. We don’t want to let others or ourselves down, so we press on to achieve dozens of goals at any given time. We accomplish what we can at any cost, but we never truly conquer the long, almost eternal list of things we wish to happen in our lifetime.



Our faith is very much the same situation. We want to read book after book and finish every devotional we find interest in. We spread ourselves thin, racing to be all that we can be.
What if there was one goal – one prayer – that could drastically change every area of your life? Would you reach for it?



One of the most difficult, yet most rewarding challenges of my walk with Christ is to find a way to praise in every situation of my life. I love to worship and sing; I often wake up to a song playing in my head. But I don’t always encourage my heart to rejoice in the gloomy shadows of life.



“Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord.”
-Philippians 3:1 HCSB


What I love about this chapter is that Paul is so intentional in his message. He tells us to rejoice in the Lord. He teaches us to remember that though evil is lurking, and though it may be easy to have confidence in the flesh, consider everything against the worthiness of Christ. Count your gains and losses in comparison to the One who is worthy of all praise. Seek Him to know Him, both as the Resurrected One and as our Redeemer.
In this time shortly before Easter, I’m reminded of my chaplain’s charge to all of the women on my floor during my last year at Oral Roberts University. It seemed strange at first, but she impressed on us to focus in on the suffering of Christ. We always get so excited about the resurrection, dressing up and singing praises. But we rarely dive deep into the pain and suffering Christ endured on the way there.
It is here in verses ten and eleven that Paul gives us the same advice. Find “the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death, assuming that [we] will somehow reach the resurrection from among the dead.” Paul wants us to really understand how important it is to tap into the sufferings of Christ when we suffer. He wants us to know that Christ has endured heavier burdens, and He is willing to carry yours and mine. Christ isn’t removing the heavy load, but sharing it with us, as a protective, older brother.



I don’t know what you’re going through, but I know that you have seen darkness in your life. You haven’t always been a ray of sunshine, bouncing here and there. Don’t be ashamed of falling short. Don’t stress if you aren’t the exact embodiment of Christ.
Paul continues on to say that he is not fully mature and hasn’t completely reached his goal, but he forgets what is behind him and pursues the prize promised by God. This is the sign you’ve been waiting for. This is your chance to let out all of that stress you’ve been holding on to. You are not called to be perfect, but to simply be a pursuer of God’s promises. You can be yourself and still seek to embody the virtues of Christ.



All of this is to say: breathe. Let go of your tension. Get rid of your stress. Allow yourself to be real. Get rid of all the resolutions and goals. Set your heart on one and one only: to arise singing praises to the Lord. Seek Him with a reverent heart. That is all He is asking of you today.



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