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Beautifully Lauren // by Meagan Boyce

By January 6, 2017News

​Not too long ago, in a land not that far away, We Are Beautiful published a quarterly magazine entitled Beautifully You that was full of all of the same amazing things we post here on our blog every day. Around that time, I was heading over to a friend’s wedding in Tulsa, OK from my hometown in Oceanside, CA. I packed up my tiny Ford hatchback with way too many oversized bags, my best friend Brittany Norris, and a complete stranger named Lauren Chavez. I didn’t know Lauren, but we had mutual friends in the groom and since she was coming from the same direction we were, we gave her a lift.
​Along the way (we had a lot of time to fill), Brittany and I gabbed on and on about what we do at We Are Beautiful and the purpose and heart behind it all. Within 48 hours, Lauren and her good friend Cameron Ernst had found a piano and penned a beautiful, catchy song inspired by God’s desire for women to see themselves as He created them to – as beautiful.

​Talking about We Are Beautiful, Lauren says,

​I instantly felt like I needed to write a song about it. What’s funny is I had never written a song before, so this thought was clearly a thought from God. I asked them if I could [write a song about it] and they said ‘of course’, so my best friend Cameron Ernst (who was meeting me there from Texas) and I used a piano in someone’s house that we didn’t even know and wrote Beautifully You! Fast forward three years, and I just released the music video for it!

​Not only has Lauren just released her music video for Beautifully You, but she has also just released her first EP ever named after her title track. A whimsical journey from start to finish, her melodic riffs and catchy lyrics will leave you impatient for more. You can find her on iTunes under the name Lauren Claire. Check out her amazing music video below for Beautifully You.


Featured image by Lauren Chavez

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