Tips for Hair In Need of a Rescue

By December 24, 2016Beauty

Is your hair in need of some saving? Is it too dry to even think about? First, let’s try to put down the hot tools for a while. I bet you’re thinking, “How can I style my hair NO heat?” Well, it’s actually pretty simple, if you have the products to help you. Here are a few recommended items to get:

Not Your Mother’s Hair – Texturizing Hair Cream


How does it help?

Apply a generous amount in your hair (wet or dry) and scrunch away! It gives you incredible texture to wavy or straight hair, especially for those incredible up dos! If you have very fine hair, it also gives volume.

Ribbon hair ties-


How does it help?

Ribbon hair ties don’t cause split ends and create less damage! They also don’t pull on your hair as much when you take them out.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner-


How does it help?

This little product has BIG results. You can replace your normal conditioner with this! It has done well in resurrecting my once damaged hair. A big thing to keep in mind is to condition, especially when your hair is going to be in direct sunlight often.

These tips should help bring your hair from drowning in the sand to flowing in the water! Good luck and happy hair rescuing! And always remember you’re beautiful :)

– Rachael

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