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The Crown Jewel // by Christian Bosse

By December 13, 2016News

Have you ever seen the way a parent looks at their child? Can you feel how their heart swells with warmth? Do you sense the silent leap of joy?

This year, I’ve been challenged to look at what is so commonplace to us Christians in new perspectives and with a new set of eyes. We’ve gotten so used to the Nativity narrative, that it is like we have been looking into a canyon with our eyes fixed on the drop. But it is when we look even harder, we realize that each level of the descent gives way to the reality that what we’re looking at is much deeper than we could grasp.

The birth of our Lord and Savior is much more than the arrival of the Divine. It’s a story of triumph.


As recorded in Matthew, the three wise men were on their way to see the birth of the True King, when they stopped to ask King Herod for directions. In Herod’s deceit, he encouraged the wise men to go find this “King of the Jews” and bring the baby back to him so that he way “worship” Jesus. The wise men followed their orders and went to the Nativity. As many of us know, they worshiped baby Jesus and blessed Him with gifts. But the wise men were divinely warned in a dream not to take Jesus back to Herod.

Time passes and an angel appears to Joseph in a dream, telling him to take his family to Egypt for Herod was plotting to destroy the Lord. Joseph follows the instructions of the angel, and he and his family await the death of Herod in Egypt. During this time, Herod commands the massacre of all the innocent baby boys under the age of two in every district of the land.

Could you imagine the weeping and wailing of these mothers and fathers? Can you comprehend the pain they must have felt having to watch the death of their sons? How much more pain do you think God felt when the same happened to His own just thirty-three years later?


It is interesting to me how much opportunity we have to have empathy and care, and yet how little we feel? We let our hearts flutter at sad stories and look away when we’ve decided we have felt enough pain. Children are so overlooked in our society. Millions needs homes, and many are stuck living in dyer situations. Billions more haven’t even been given the chance to breathe their first breath before they’ve been deemed an inconvenience; forced to die before they can say a word; destroyed before someone can lay loving yes on them. And our Lord and Savior was almost one of them.

On that day, when God’s only begotten Son was born into the world, you can bet He marveled at Him. You can bet His heart swelled. You can be sure He leaped for joy. His Son, who is in fact a part of Him, was so precious and so small. God’s crown jewel lay right there in the arms of His creation. His love for His Son was so brilliant, it shone in the hearts of the wise men. It sung in the mouths of the angels.

You can’t doubt the love of the Lord for His children. I’ve seen it time after time when I did not understand why God chose to adopt me. Like many of us, I’ve had a hard time accepting the blessings of God. My orphan heart couldn’t grasp it. But now, you couldn’t tell me the measure of love God feels for me. It is deeper and more profound than my mind can fathom, and it is the same for each of us.


This year, think of all the children without homes, without families, without even a breath. Think of all the lives lost, and all the orphaned hearts who cannot see. Think of them with God in mind. Think of how His eyes glimmer at every conception, every birth, every smile. Think of the Nativity as an account of triumph. Life conquered death that day, and it would soon do it again.

This Christmas, think of salvation. We are all jewels in His crown. We are all so precious to Him. He marvels at us despite how small and imperfect we truly are. He protects us from destruction when it comes our way.



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