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Brush Your Teeth, No More Sweets // by Krissi Trowbridge

By December 9, 2016Health & Fitness

Today’s tip is for the night eaters. The ones who do pretty good during the day, running to and fro, attempting to eat as healthy as possible and possibly even get a work out in.

Then, it happens. Night time. You’ve conquered the day, the kids are clean (somewhat) and sound asleep. Now it’s just you, the couch and the t.v. You gave the day your all. Don’t you deserve that ice cream that is beckoning you? Or if you’re a salty lover, those chips?

This tip may sound crazy, but it works for me when I get the ‘I deserve a pint of ice cream’ cravings. I may have one scoop, but then, I brush my teeth. Even if I’m not going to bed right then. Something about brushing your teeth signals to your body that you are done consuming for the day. Plus not many foods taste good with toothpaste!

So, try it out tonight! After you are full but know you’re going to find yourself warring with your cravings and staring into the freezer in an hour, brush your teeth. It just might be the beginning to a leaner you!

With love,


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