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He Trusts You // by Kendra Cagle

By November 10, 2016Mommas

There’s an overwhelming sense of being both powerless and completely blessed when a child is born. In a matter of a day, you move from dictating your time and priorities to never sleeping and putting the life of your child before yourself. Motherhood is extremely rewarding. However, before we see the reward, we may have to look past the intense desire to climb into bed and stay there for a few days. There is so much more in the calling of motherhood, but it can take time for God to comfort and empower you through the sleepy haze.

Motherhood is a life that can rule you and convince you that your time, influence and input don’t matter. Yet, after a few months and a bit of sleep, you realize it’s not like that at all. Never in your life have you felt as much pressure and power than when a small life is in your hands.

So much of who your child becomes is locked in the things you teach them and the paths you point them toward. You are their most trusted confidant and guide. The role you serve in their lives is irreplaceable and every bit as ordained by God as any other occupation. You are their introduction to Christ, and they are one of the greatest examples of how strong you are through Him.

We will not hide them from their descendants; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power and the wonders he has done. Psalm 78:4

Every child is priceless and cherished by God. We are His creation, but our children are the purest form. Their hearts are open, and their minds seek influence and information. One of the most poignant ways God shows His love for us is through His faith in us. He leaves the newest and most fragile of His creation in our hands.

We may be worn down by sleep deprivation, and we might struggle to remember life before motherhood. Yet, we can never doubt the authority God has given us. He has granted us the power to lead our children to Him. He has put us in the position of shepherd and leader in our households. All the doubts of our importance and influence melt away when we see the trust God bestows upon us. His love and our worth are apparent through this beautiful task of parenthood.

When you feel like you’re losing yourself to the doubt, fear or just daydreams about taking naps, put your role in perspective. You mean something to this precious child, and you have been chosen by God to serve as their parent. It was not by chance or mistake that God gave you this little one, and you have been called to lead them to the Father.

Your influence can take them to the prayer of salvation and onto a full and rich life lived in service for God. You’re the first one they love, and the first place they look for help. Point them to the Savior. Use the miraculous authority you’ve been given to help them lay a foundation of faith in their little lives.

Mommas, you are powerful women. You hold a vital role in your children’s lives, and God trusts you to bring them to Him. He believes you will prepare them for a life in Him, and this is a powerful mission.

Never doubt your power and importance. Your work means the world to your Heavenly Father. Believe in His faith in you. Go into your home and help make a generation of servants and warriors for Christ.



Featured image by Mary Salas

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