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Funky Fresh DIY Reupholstery // by Ashley Kyle

By November 20, 2016D.I.Y.

My best friend and I just moved in together and we had a decorating DREAM ahead of us. We have similar tastes so we knew it was going to be pretty easy to decide what would make for the cutest girl apartment EVER.

We both have our own furniture, but hers has been in storage for four years-we knew we would need to reupholster and paint some items, so here we go:

We were given this chair by our other friend Amber who was completely restyling her home. Her loss was our gain.

photo 1

Cute right?

We loved it too, but it didn’t really fit with the theme we were going for, but instead of spending over $100 on a new chair we picked out some funky fabric for less than $20 and got to work.

You’ll need:
-Fabric (I purchased 3 yards-here is a link to figure out how much fabric you might need)



-Staple gun


-Fabric glue (optional)

I began with draping the fabric as one huge piece over the chair-I chose not to remove the original fabric because it was in good condition and you wouldn’t be able to see the pattern underneath the new fabric.

photo 4

Once I placed the fabric how I liked it, I began stapling into the frame of the front and back of the chair to stabilize placement of the pattern and then I made my way around the sides so it was secure.

The rounding and piping of the chair made it a little tougher to do the corners, but I gathered the fabric into the best pleats I could muster, and stapled- SO. MANY. STAPLES.

I repeated this on the other side and where my fabric wasn’t long enough to cover I used excess fabric I had trimmed to cover up any “bald spots”. I stapled the fabric into place and then glued what couldn’t be stapled because of visibility.

Chair finished

So there you have it! A quick little re-do for our palace! Here she is in her new home!




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