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Tuesday Trends // by Jordan Wood

By October 6, 2016Fashion

Hello October. We love you here at We Are Beautiful. Not only is this a busy, fruitful season full of fall activities and the welcoming of many holidays-but we adore the fashion you bring to the table. While the ever traditional sweater weather, layers & booties are a must-I have been noticing a few new trends being styled this season. Here are We Are Beautiful’s Tuesday Trends for October:

1. Rich Hues. Shades of Olive, Marsala & Navy are flooding the streets and hitting the stores. Add all three of these bold colors to your wardrobe as they complement one another and give an edgy look to your fall ensembles.

2. Crop Tops. While I am not much of a summer crop top gal, I have fallen in love with the so called “fall crop.” High-waisted skirts and baby doll dresses featuring a layered crop top is the cutest way to style your outfit for the every-day girl, business meeting, or night out. Sweater crop tops are a fashionable way to stay warm this season too.




3. Fringe on Fringe. I don’t know about you, but I have seen fringe flirting its way into all fashion accessories. Between booties, totes, jackets & dresses; fringe seems to be all the rage. Explore new styles incorporating fringe and you have yourself a fun, fresh new look this season.

4. The Perfect Pant. Power to the pants this season as there are almost too many unique pants on the market. Between the 70s inspired wide-legged crop, the high waisted classic pant, patterned skinny’s, and slouchy trousers; there is no reason not to rock your perfect pant daily.

5.Leather Looks. You bet the classic black, leather jacket never goes out of style. While this trendsetter continues to always be a staple; check out the new looks that leather is providing this season featuring leather for all occasions.

What trends have you spotted this season?






* Images from www.pinterest.com

Featured image by Jordan Wood



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