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Five Ways to Kick those Temptations // by Paige Spencer

It’s the one major thing that holds us back when we’ve set a goal for ourselves. It’s a key ingredient if we want to succeed, and it always means that we have to wait a little while to see the results we set our minds on.

Perseverance: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. It also comes from the same root word that means, “to prevail or have power.”

I personally went on a health and fitness journey not too long ago and after having amazing results I realized that I had overcome that big, daunting mountain that stood in my way for years. You see, like most girls, my problems began when I wasn’t seeing results fast enough. Therefore, I started to become extremely impatient and eventually justified my horrible eating habits yet again. We are all so used to our “microwave” society that waiting for results doesn’t come easy. We put our little two cents in and expect it to be done in the same amount of time that our popcorn normally takes to pop.

Having the Internet at our finger tips, the news being updated 24/7, communication of plans happening within minutes, and technology is continuing to figure out ways how we can make it happen faster and faster. I’m not saying that any of these things are bad, but I am saying that it plays a huge role in our society losing sight of what it means to wait.

How do we persevere?

1. Goal
a. Set a goal for yourself.
• It can be a weight loss amount, it can be a weight gain amount, or it can even be an exercise goal (ex: run a mile in less than 9 minutes).


2. Prize
a. Along with the goal, give yourself a prize to work towards.
• A while back my dad was losing weight and once he reached his goal he went out and splurged on all new workout clothes. Girls, maybe you set your eyes on a dress, new shoes, or even something small that you’ve been wanting for a while just to reward yourself for persevering. (Obviously be smart and keep this reasonable )


3. Food
a. Experts say that getting healthy is 75% food and 25% exercising.
• I’ve learned that food in moderation is a major priority when getting healthy. You don’t have to break the bank to eat healthy just choose your foods wisely and moderate how much you eat. Think about cutting out majorly fatty foods and sugars and goeasy on the dairy and wheat/grain products. Eating healthy will help energize you, it actually helps you sleep better at night, and ultimately it’s just better for your body.


4. Find a Friend
a. This is crucial. It’s so much easier when you have a friend that is getting healthy with you.
• My dad and I held each other accountable. We have a point system to where we get positive points when we eat healthy and we get negative points when we cheat. We turned it into a competition and it helped us to really say no to those tempting foods that were sometimes available to us.


5. Don’t Compare Yourself
a. Realize that we are all made differently.
• Don’t set goals to look like other people whether it’s friends, movie stars, or people in the magazines. Trying to look like other people will only produce failure every time. Be You! My goal was to be a healthier me and when I felt I accomplished that I was happy with who I was and have continued to stay healthy, exercise, and most importantly spend time with the One who calls me beautiful.


Getting healthy and being fit may come easy for some and it may remain difficult for others but persevering through challenges will always make you stronger in the end. You are not walking through this journey alone. We are all discovering this journey together. Reach out! Get Involved! Be active!

Persevere and Never Give Up!

Paige Spencer


Photography by Generosity Water

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