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Authority Over Comparison // by Paige Spencer

By October 22, 2016Beauty

It’s been three weeks since you’ve had any sweets. All you’ve been eating are fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and the occasional nut mix you keep around in case your stomach starts to grumble in between meals. You’ve started to workout a few times a week and you’re finally getting to the point where this lifestyle is starting to become more familiar to you. This is the first time, in a long time, where you’ve been extremely proud of yourself and you are really starting to like the way you feel. You’ve stayed off social media for a while so you could stay focused on your goals but today you give yourself a brain break and jump on social media for a bit just to catch up with what’s been going on for the past three weeks. About two minutes goes by and that proud feeling you were just having begins to fade, “Why don’t I look like her yet? Why aren’t these vegetables doing their job?! Maybe I’m not doing this “healthy living” thing right, I definitely don’t have her body. Her hair! AHHH! HAIR GOALS! How can I get mine to look like that? Oooo “7 Tips To Achieve Your Hair Goals”! Perfect! I’ll save that for later. Ughh…Kate posting pictures of her and her boyfriend again…Seriously?! They are like perfect! If I looked like her then maybe I wouldn’t still be single. Her life is perfect. What’s this? “Still Single? 10 Ways To Revamp The Old You” YES PLEASE! Maybe if I follow these tips I can attract Mr.Right! (reaching for some fruit) Uhhhh…I’m so tired of eating apples! (keeps scrolling) What?! A coupon for a $.50 ice cream cone?! Sorry apples, you don’t cheer me up the way ice cream can! Ice Cream, here I come!”

Anybody out there understand this girl’s frustration? Comparison knows how to hit hard and it knows exactly where we hide our weaknesses. It’s secret weapon is knowing how to ambush you in the moments when you thought you were strong and once it begins it’s hard to stop.

Where does it come from? There was a day long, long, long ago when comparison opened the eyes of lucifer’s heart to be filled with pride as he convinced himself that he could be better than God. His comparison falls on the opposite of the spectrum from the girl in our example above but no matter where it falls on the scale it’s still comparison. The definition itself simply means “to match” and where the enemy first failed in his feat of comparing himself to God was that He is completely matchless and nothing and no one can come close to His glory! Nevertheless, comparison blinded him from this truth and now he is using the same tactic to blind us from the same truth.

It’s time to take authority over comparison and realize that you will never and were never meant “to match” anyone else! The Word says we are “CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD” and that “HE KNIT US TOGETHER AND FORMED EVERY PART OF US” just like a “POTTER FORMS THE CLAY ON HIS WHEEL” or a “POET PENS A WELL ARTICULATED POEM.” Guess what? No clay pot ever formed is the exact same, nor was ever meant to be the same! The beauty and exciting part about having clay pots is that they are so unique and no one has one exactly like it. A poet never writes the same poem over and over, why, because that just doesn’t make sense! Each word and rhythm is uniquely chosen according to the knowledge and skill of the poet and in the same way our God has uniquely given us a rhythm that is like no one else!

Comparison takes you from dancing in a field of exuberant joy to locking yourself in a cell of bondage. We must understand that we were never meant to bare the image of one another and especially never meant to bare the image of the world. We were created to forever bare the image of our Father who loves us no matter what!

If your like me then comparison might be a default option in your mind as it ambushes your thoughts when you aren’t paying attention and that is exactly when we have to learn to take authority in the name of Jesus! If you find yourself in a place of comparing yourself to someone else then remind yourself who you are and who God has created YOU to be! If you can’t do that then go to His word and saturate your mind in the beautiful love letter that He has written you. With the authority you have been given take the blinders of comparison off and open your eyes to the TRUE, BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE YOU!

Featured image by Zoey Jean

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