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Authoritive Fashion // by Rebekah Houle

By October 24, 2016Fashion

Nothing screams “Boss Lady” better than a great outfit! The common misconception to being a female who works in an office or heading to a job interview is that you have to wear a basic black suit. How boring is that?! Not only has fashion come a long way but fashion in the work place has evolved also. You may be saying, “Not my office, I have to dress very conservative.” OR maybe you think professional means basic and simple. Not so fast ladies.. don’t jump to any conclusions until you check out these amazing traditional suit alternatives!

1. Un-traditionalize – Don’t be afraid to wear color in the work place. Maybe I can’t get you out of a black pant suit but there are a few ways to make your outfit more exciting. Add a patterned or brightly colored top, spice it up with a floral scarf, or even venture away from your boring black ballet flats and rock a low wedge. This is a great way to push yourself away from your comfort zone in a black suit while still getting to wear it. How about a suit vest instead of a jacket? This is such a popular and fun new wardrobe item!

img_2061Ann Taylor


The Limited

2. Try an interesting suit combo – This fall is a great time to challenge yourself to trying some new suiting ideas. Banana Republic for one has launched a powerful new collection of suiting and basics that is anything BUT basic. Play with texture and color by pairing a pinstripe suit with a silky blouse or add a cute necktie scarf. Try mixing prints any way you can whether it be stripes on stripes or a fun accessory. Bold prints and bright monochromatic suits are very in for fall. A great pair of heels will add that feminine touch to the ever so popular masculine silhouette!


Banana Republic


J. Crew

3. Mix and Match – Through my years in helping clients I have come across a few different ladies in search of interview attire. Their first reaction was to go straight to the black jacket and black pencil skirt with a white button up blouse. Yuck. Thing of the past. Although classic, there is definitely something that will help you stand out more! Why don’t you try mixing up your pieces. How about a black blazer with a basic top and fun printed skirt. It shows business on the top but that you aren’t too stuffy and can add something interesting to the table. Add a nice trouser pant with a bold blazer and printed top. Don’t be afraid to step away from matchy-match.


The Limited


Banana Republic

4. Toss the suit altogether – Finally, if you want to step out of the box altogether just throw out your suits! There are so many amazing new ways to portray professional than by wearing a suit. Dresses and skirts are always going to be the ultimate feminine attire but how you style it will really determine if you’re dressed for the office or a night out. Grab a few pair of pants this season that are fun in print or color. You can create a strong outfit with simple tops by simply adding a bold pant. Always check Pinterest for ideas. It’s a go-to resource for me when I need a little inspiration.


Saks Fifth Avenue

So for the rest of this month as we are talking about AUTHORITY I just want to encourage you to take these tips and branch out a little in your work wardrobe. If you ever have any style or fashion questions feel free to connect with me on Instagram @lilyproject_tulsa or my website lilyproject.net. Tag me or We Are Beautiful in your photos if you try out any of these fashion tips. We love to see what you put together!

Until next time! Rebekah

Featured Image by The Lily Project – Rebekah Houle

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